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When old age comes first…

This is awesome- the first image is a collection of Web 1.0 logos while the second image is a collection of Web 2.0 logos. The difference is absolutely amusing.

Web 1.0 Logos:

Web 2.0 logos:

The trends are so clear! In everything- fonts, colors, style. Yay.




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  1. You are comparing ugly gray buttons with Logos.. that’s not Fair :)
    Anyhow you have a point about the difference between now and then

  2. It’s like looking at designs made BY Windows users then looking at designs made by mac users.

  3. Jad

    indeed, I agree with you Amin, it’s like looking at design made by Windows LOSERS than looking at designs made by Mac users :-D

  4. very interesting… but i’d love to hear your take, please elaborate – how would you charcaterise the changes, and where do they originate? and do you see the same trends at work in other media?
    (have to admit, part of my academic research is about logos, so that’s partly why i’m interested… although I’m looking a 100 years back)

  5. I feel like a dinosaur! I was only able to identify Gmail along with insignificant few others out of the second bunch… what does this tell?

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