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Quite honestly, I’m amusing over how young Wael Kfouri is on TV more than anything else, but I can’t do without pictures can I?

Snow over Amman:
snow amman

snow amman

zooksie 112

Cliche pictures (and something out of context- the flower pictures remind me of Mahmood);
Snow over AmmanSnow over AmmanSnow over Amman
Snow over AmmanSnow over Amman


At Mecca Mall…


When old age comes first…


  1. Anonymous

    dude!!! nice photos!

  2. Hey Roba,

    cool photos, the second photo of the house, is my grandparents house… small world… just thought i’d tell you.

  3. The first pic is awesome

  4. Joe, the Khouris are your grandparents? Cool.

  5. Gus

    I love snow.. Its amazzing! I just wish it snowing for a little longer

  6. oooh it’s an ice ;)
    inspired by a linux dude

  7. the flowers are soo pretty.

  8. I loved the first picture!

  9. Oh! The picture of the pink flowers is gorgeous! I really like the picture of the table and chairs, too. It’s so dynamic. It definitely tells a story.

  10. onzlo

    the pictures of the flowers remind me of the cheesy backgrounds they used to use on Syrian t.v. (you know… a rose with a drop of dew hanging from its edge and then the presenter comes on wearing orange lipstick and dyed blond hair etc…).

  11. I have a theory that I think I will call “The two degrees of Roba”:
    If Roba posts a picture taken of a house in Amman, someone on Jordan Planet will comment, saying, “That house is my uncle’s/ grandma’s/ second-cousin’s house.”
    Corrolary #1: If Roba posts a picture taken somewhere in Amman, someone on Jordan Planet will comment, saying, “I have that exact same picture!”

  12. the chairs in the first pic looks like the clay chairs u do… :)

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