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Something to remember: a blogger can’t keep a secret

Yes, seriously. Snippets of a conversation:

Roba: “I better go sleep, good night.”
J: “Bakeer, good night.”
Roba: “Oh, yeah, bloggers are THE WORST secret keepers ;) I’ll leave you with that.”
J: “Wait. I want to know. Is that something M told you? Because I tried to change the subject.”
Roba: “Ahuh, about [insert Secret 1 here]”
J: “I told him a few weeks ago.”
Roba: “I told him today, but I told him not to tell you that I told you.”
J: “Oh yeah?”
Roba: “And he told me you told him not to tell me that you told him.”
J: “Cool, but this is not the secret that I was refering to.”
Roba: “There’s something else?”
J: “Yes, [insert Secret 2 here]. Yesterday, he kept telling me about it, and then I was like, ‘Listen, I am supposed to pretend that I don’t know!'”
Roba: “3adi man, didn’t I tell you already? I thought I told you last year.”
J: “Yes, you did.”
Roba: “Then what is the problem?”
J: “You told me not to tell to him.”




At Mecca Mall…


  1. Anonymous



  2. does “He” know about that? ;-)

  3. Anonymous

    Well, what really happened was [Big Secret].

    Sam AF

    PS I’m not too fond of the ordering of the secrets, somehow certain things always end up being refered to as C, 2, etc … Never A, 1, Alpha, First, Top Priority.

  4. kinzi

    Roba, I suppose you are a form of journalist, and someone just told me that journalism is the business of telling secrets. Hhhmm.

  5. LOL

    Saba7 el foll!


  6. Killer Bee Bop

    J=Jad or Jameed
    M=too many to guess from!

    Aand you’re just whack!

    Typical, like the time-stamped +2 GMT empty posts!

    You need some Sushi or smth. to keep you intact :P

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