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At Mecca Mall…

… a minute before the big guard with the cute boots told me off for taking pictures of the mall as I apparently wanted to “steal their design”.

Seriously, dude, what design?
Ahmad Humeid on these stairs.

JU 189


Something to remember: a blogger can’t keep a secret




  1. Roba,

    Look at the bright side, the light is on and the lamp is lit. the scene is luminous, you can even see the wrpping bag strewn on the edge of the step, but there are no signs of littering on a massive scale.

  2. The white paint on the wall next to the door, is that what they refer to as “jidariyeh”?

  3. Ungratefull lot:p

  4. Nas

    lol ahmad@360 was talking about the no railings on the side of the steps. but you must have really wandered off to get this picture!

  5. *sigh*

    This is why I hate Mecca Mall.

  6. That is what happened to me during my visit to Jordan last month.
    I wanted to take a photo of the mall, and suddenly discovered that lots of guards are shouting and pointing their things at me that I should leave and stop the photo taking !!
    It was sooo strange, and the number of guards inside the mall as well made my visit uncomfortable !!!

  7. xxx

    Do you want everything to be perfect…. you are talking as if you are US citizens… hey wake up… and welcome to Jordan and do not comment on the guards….. they are there for you security

  8. looool i agree with u X

  9. Welcome to Jordan yourself. I said nothing about security. I was talking about the whole “stealing design” concept.

  10. you know what, i like it …
    this could be a great place for taking an Advertising shots but with good camera and good lighting and a beautiful model… it will be amazing Ad … :D

  11. Roba, I couldn’t resist.. I made this.

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