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The February meet-up will be held on Saturday the 11th of February in Wild Jordan at 6:30. Thank you!

Should I launch a campaign about not boycotting And Far Away?



Releasing my monsters


Something to remember: a blogger can’t keep a secret


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  2. Ahmmm…

    I know I will bother you but where is wild Amman and what’s the arabic name if I took a taxi….?!?!

    by the way…
    I’ll discuss the short stories with you at the meeting inshalla…
    thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience…..!!!

    your truely,

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  4. Whaaaaat? And not burn your red shoes?

    (not that i am jordanian or would go or really care or anything,but I always wanted to burn someone’s shoes ever since I found out that’s what Left Eye-allah yer7amha- from TLC did that eventually burned her whole house down.)

  5. You can check Wild Jordan in Google Maps. Nevertheless, if you go in Rainbow street in Jabal Amman, you will see a small sign on the left riecting you to Wild Jordan or برية الأردن.

  6. Killer Bee Bop

    Is this the best map there’s out there? Because I honestly can’t make nothing out of it! Can’t zoom much! Not that I need those anyway …

  7. I am in :)

    And this time for sure :D

  8. Count Ibrahim in, since he is flying to Amman this evening.

    (This was posted upon his request)

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