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“You drive zay chauffeureyet il takasi! La2, shu chauffeureyet il takasi, worse! You drive zay chauffeureyet il saravees! Zay Il basat! Ma fi zo2!”

-As yelled by a friend last night
5th Circle, Amman

Me? Me? ME?!


Wanna see?




  1. well if it was a friend then you probably deserved it!

  2. ah come on! you should be on my side!

  3. from what I see in Amman’s streets, I’m not that suprized you drive like what your friend told you…..!!!

    in Amman every one are driving like cab drivers, only they are on valium…..!!!

    by the way can you please answer my annoying quistions that I asked in the “you’ve got blog” post…..!!!

    thanks and sorry for being irretating….

  4. looks like you were trying to kill someone!

  5. From my one short (thankfully!) experience, all I can say is that you definitely drive FASTER than any chauffeur out there ;p

  6. Gus

    No one can argue with that!

  7. Pardon this egyptian ‘s ignorance but, u call taxi drivers “chauffeureyet” in Jordan? Eih el dala3 dah. eih el 7alawah dih. In egypt the best they can be called is “Ostah” to protray their 7arfanah in driving. I think they may actually think you insulted them if you call them chauffeure. “Eih chauffeure dih ya madame? Mat7asenny alfazek? Matetkalamy 3araby kedah.”

    Wallahy el masreyeen ghalabah…

  8. Killer Bee Bop


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