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The Influence- The Kiss

: The Influence

‘The Kiss’ by Gustave Klimt (1862-1918)

I remember feeling awestruck when I saw Gustave Klimt’s “The Kiss”. It’s just an absolutely wonderous work of art.

For some reason, there isn’t much online about Gustave Klimt, but thankfully, I had recieved a book as a birthday gift about this wonderful and fascinating artist.

Klimt was the first chairman of the Secession, a movement against the older artistic generation and their values. His paintings are easily reconginzed for their sensuality and the use of gold with a lot of ornamenting.

My favorite thing about this painting is the symbolism behind each aspect- for example, the woman’s ornamentation is done with circles, while the man’s is done with rectangles. I also love the details, the colors, the general aura of magic that Klimt managed to achieve.

Pretty, isn’t it?

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  1. wisho had ya roba?
    ga3deh ibtunshoori suwar mukhila bil adaab….
    tst tsk tsk
    3eib il zalameh iyboos marato

  2. We have a poster of Klimts “Kiss” at home, I always thought it was mom and

    A year ago I had the wonderfull chance to see the Original one a in Vienna.

    The poster is really nothing compared to it. Seeing the details was amazing, I was actually approached by the guard who kindly asked me not to go so near the painting:p turns out that there’s a certain distance one should keep since if its exceeded the alarm would go out.

  3. shu ija 3abalek?

  4. WOW! Amazing …

  5. Initially I thought you are referring to Rodin’s “The Kiss”…But I guess I should have know better, not enough colour ;)
    I still prefer the sculpture thou.

    By the way I agree with Leith this is qilet adab and I call for mqata3at, al bada23 al shmysaniyeh, ( shoo boos o kalam fadi)

  6. hahaha not funny guys!!!
    roba… good influence on art!! i loved both their garments… beautifully done… and the background somehow emphasize the foreground!! i liked it… very passionate…

  7. I loved it :)

  8. Thanks for the nice post.

  9. الأخ الفاضل، وشريكي بالجريمة، ليث

    العياذ بالله! ألا ترى يا أخ العرب أن الرجل يقبل محبوبته على الخد أم هذا أيضاً رجس من عمل الشيطان؟

    أدامنا الله وإياكم لنصرة هذه الأمة من المشركين

  10. I have a huge poster of that painting in my bed room. Its one of my favorite.

  11. shoo!!

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  12. Laith, shayef balla nas akher zaman? Ma fi i7tiram lil 3adat wil taqaleed. You should boycott me :P

    Ohoud, hehe cute :) It’s awesomethat you got to see the orhiginal one! It must be so beautifully luminous..

    Keko, haha, although I do love colors, I’m a huge fan of Rodin’s “The Kiss” :) Although I’m honestly not a huge fan of Romanticism as a school of art.. but the guy is talented.. hehe and ahuh, 3anjad sa7? Lazem itqat3ooni ;)

    Ibrahim, Super.Devoika, Mirashka, Seneferu,and Karim, I’m glad you guys like it!

    Al Akh Jameed,ghamed 3eineik! 3eib!

    Shoo, eish da’7al il haweyeh o mish 3arfeh shu bil mawdoo3?

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  14. نسيت أقول

    سيارتي ما تيجي فيها، بتظلها أنظف من
    [insert your female relative of choice]

    btw, my car is Swedish Volvo, for real

  15. do you have a bigger photo of the painting Roba?

  16. Anonymous

    It is called a Google image search!!


  17. Simply awesome. I completely love it. Thank you Roba.

  18. AAnonym. : Thanks god i am smart enough to look it up in google , but i couldn’t find a bigger resolution thhan the Wiki. one, .. thanks for your help.. esmallah 3aleik

  19. Anonymous

    Fadi K, you have proven yourself smart enough to use Google but not enough to utilize its full potential. Google image search offers the possibility of deciding the general size of the image you want to look for. If you have invested in an additional click, your would have gotten a series of pictures of no less than 900×750 pixels each.


  20. waal hehe this pic has caused a riot here min “jameed” la “shoo” la “fad” la “anonymous”, its always fun to see robas comments hehe :D

  21. shoo!!

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  24. And now for a serious comment.


    When the world was dominated by Arab speaking people, other cultures were forced/encouraged to learn Arabic and mimic Arab culture. We are now living in a world dominated by Anglo-Saxon culture and we must emulate some of their practices; namely in the way they lead their research, in the laws that govern their lands and in much of the industry that produced the technology that has enabled you to write your slanderous comments, in order to advance our own civilization.

    I never forget who I am. I’m proud to be an Arab. I’m proud of all the good people I’ve met in the Middle East. I’ve sat with people from all walks of life, drank tea, talked everything with them. Genuinely good people.

    Too bad I don’t have an Arabic keyboard, or I would’ve written a response befitting your standard.

    We are good people who have lost their way. We need structural reforms. I’m sure you’ve read about the dismal amount of books we produce or translate. English has become the de facto standard for anyone who wants to educate himself in the sciences or the arts in the Middle East.

    We do not believe in outright Westernization, but I’m definetly a proponent of learning from other people’s success. Whether we follow the Asian tiger model, the Indian info services model, the American dream or whatever works.

    What you seem to lack is pragmatism. You’re a hopeless romantic. (Underline hopeless). You apparently believe that our salvation lies within our stagnant civilization. I choose to believe we should salvage what makes us good and implement what can make us great, getting rid of this Arab glory dogma that surrounds any discussion we have would be a first step.

    GloCalization is the term to watch out for.

    And please, stop arguing for the sake of argument. Don’t take arguments to the personal level, that’s just childish and immature.

    Salam. Peace. Shalom.

  25. Anonymous

    Hi Amo Shoo,

    Iza il Arab bidhumsh yi2baluna wil amrikan bidhumsh yi2baluna. Ma bidal ilna illa ba3ad.


  26. shoo!!

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  27. Anonymous

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  28. roba…. ROBA …. r u there?!!!
    stop this nonesense going on ur blog!!!!!
    i really don’t understand why the world suddenly compete on who know how to “ysib” in a lower way!!!
    come on… bring the civilized speech back again into here!!!!
    ameen malhas! thanks for what you wrote!!! i agree with you on that part of what language means to us… just because we write in english doesn’t mean we are forgetting our culture… besides… i beleive that any language is just a mean… a man made mean to better communicate… whatever any person choose and in what ever way they choose… is totally a matter of personal choice!!! on the other hand… Muslims should learn Arabic whether they are Arabs or not ‘as most of Muslims are not arabs”… they should learn Arabic well enough to practice and understand thier reliogin, Book and worship….

  29. O.A.

    This post really lived up to its title… it has influenced alot

    why has this broken down, its just a drawing by some artist some years ago… so chill

  30. Please cool it. Thanks.

  31. shoo!!

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  32. Shoo, you are right. There you go.

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