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Shmesani back on track

JU 248

JU 215

These pictures are, quite obviously, unrelated to boycotts, Hamas and minimum wages- instead, they have more to do with where I was tonight, who I hung out with, and what I ate; ladies and gentlemen, Shmesani kids -with their spoiled, flakey, empty lives and shallow, airheaded attitudes- are back. Yeah. Weeee-ha. Here’s an attempt to find a goal to an obviously purposeless life. Ahuh. Really.

Shmesani girl also says, Akram Baker is an awesome musician, and he should come to the Shmesani part of Amman so that brats such as herself could enjoy such good music more often. I know she has said this several times before (and lookie here, I even have a very pictorial, branded, Westernized Shmesani accout of a previous Akram “gig”! Yay!)- but really, he’s just talented (and you can hear a sample on this Mix Up Arabia podcast).

Too Shmesani for you? Oh, well. Too bad.

No, seriously, look into my eyes and concentrate on what I tell you- “You are a Shmesani brat who will live all your life as a flake, your life has no purpose. Try to adopt a real goal in life, find yourself maybe.”

On this beeeeeeee-autiful Wednesday, Shmesani Kids Club sends love to all!
Shmesani Girl


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  1. Anonymous

    Superman doesn’t date brats or spoild shmisani kids

  2. It’s so great to have you back Roobs ;p no seriously, you Rock girl! I was starting to worry about what you’re reading and how you’re spending your time ;)

  3. Thanx god you are back …
    i started to get sick from your blog :P

  4. Hi Roba,

    What does Shmesani mean?

    P.s: I wrote the anonymous comment near the end of your hello and good bye post (the Wahhabi critics in your blog sort of gave me the creeps, lol.)

  5. Anonymous, I know who you are. I’m going to hunt you down. And make you do stuff. Y

    Seneferu, Shmesani is an area in Amman, which, at some point (around 20 years ago) was associated with the um.. how do I say this.. brats (?) cause people who lived there were better off than most other areas. Shmesani is not the Amman prestige area anymore, but the term stuck. And oh, hehe, they are creepy aren’t they?

  6. B.I.G

    oh you talking about jordan for a change wow.

    you kept talking about the negative side of that one country with the usual stereotype untill you started to sound like narrow-minded prejudice.

    here is the blog of a fanatic a
    European fanatic
    now would you also tell us about the negative side of Europe and it’s fanatics or are you one of those lost ones who see nothing wrong in western culture?

    you keep digging to find negative things about that one country you lived in but there is a bright side to it as well. a bright side that a prejudice can’t see. specially when the prejudice keeps
    seraching for trash in trashy blogs and trashy websites or talks to narrow-minded prejudice like him or her self.

  7. B.I.G, it would have been smarter if you took a few minutes to browse through the archives to see that I do not critisize based on country, conviction, or georgraphy, but based on topic. This is my space, my opinions- if you are not happy with the topics I choose to criticize, you are more than free to avoid this blog.
    It would have also been smart to take a better look at the archives because you would have seen that I am extremely fond of Saudi Arabia, for after all, it was my first home.
    Thank you.

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