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الدنيا لسا بخير

While trying to not get too angry over the huge fuss that will probably make the poor Lurpak cow a little slimmer, Jameed shared a headline that made me take a deep breath and smile;

عجوز أردنية تطلب الطلاق حتى لا تلتقي بزوجها في الآخرة

Ahhh, like I said, life is swell baby.
Allah ykhaleelna 3a2latna.

Superman, save me! Save me!

Wisdom of the day courtsey of dearest Jameed, “Screw the readers, post whatever will make you feel better. You can also unleash your fury on me. Ana mish fahem leish m3assbeh la hal darajeh, let alone why you think i am very quotable tonight. Gee… “




One more thing


  1. looooooool
    honey..i dont understand why do you go and visit such websites like or similar know how these people think.hehe..once they speak about the prophet and later they speak about nancy ajram i wonder if nancy were danish ? will they stop cheking her up….

  2. Beam me up, Jesus.

  3. Wow. Now that’s a woman who thinks long-term and plans ahead! Bravo!

  4. Jubran

    Ruba wrote:
    (However, as Islam spread, the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula came in contact with many civilizations)

    do you really think that all arabs were bedouins?!!!!!!!!

    what about all the civilizations that existed in the arabian peninsula prior to islam that
    many books talk about? haven’t you heard that there were actually cities in the arabian peninsula
    prior to islam ( such as mecca, madina, Taif, Hajer Yammamah etc) and as you know Bedouins do not live in cities specially in those days. Haven’t you heard about all the trade caravans
    traveling around arabia and in and out of it? as you know Bedouins are not merchants and do not travel in trade caravans.

    Haven’t you read Arab kings in that part of the
    world prior to islam and as you know the idea of having a king was so foreign to Bedouins in those days so those arab kings in pre islamic arabia were not Bedouins.
    I guess you need to do more reading on the subject of Arab history:)

    Berbers and Turciks were not civilized back in the days and that’s why the berbers were called berebers they were lead by a witch
    who lived in cave when the arabs captured their land. The Turkish people were nomads up until the time of the Bani Abbas ( 3abaseen)

    the illustrations made by those
    muslims were showing prophet mohammed as a good man or as a normal human being while the Danish cartoonist is showing him as an ugly terrorist. big differnce
    here. thank you.

  5. Jubran (without Khalil or another Jubran):

    Stick to the subject on hand and do not comment on previous posts where it does not belong. We here are discussing why Ruba vists such websites as Why do you visit such websites ya Roba?

  6. Mirror, haha, read Jameed’s tag and you’ll find out ;) but oh, god.. I know.. it’s insane.. check the forums out though, you’ll get a laugh!

    iMalhas, care to join the “Help the Danish Cow” campaign?

    Sandmonkey, tell me about it.

    Jobran, first, please refer to Jameed’s comment above. Second, you need not give me a history lesson, I assure you I know my history well. You are free to go read some of the works written by the world’s most prestigeous philosophers on Islamic civilization and you will see that a lot refer to the early Arabian peninsula parts are often refered to as Bedouins. Even in the history of the Ummayyads, in all their glory, you will find that historians account for their actions with Bedouinism in mind- such as the building of desert castles like Qusayr Amra and Qasr Il Mushatta. I can go on and on about this but I will not, I will just recommend that you read a book on Islamic art history.
    I did not claim that the Berbers and Turckis were civilized- but they are cultures that have greatly influenced Islamic civilization throughout it’s history, and who are you deny that? And the Turkics rose to great power and culture in the Ottoman era, which ruled us, the levant, for centuries!.
    Did you even look at the cartoons?

    Iyas, thanks ;)

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