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Did I recently mention that I love the logical?
No, seriously. Crushes, anyone?


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الدنيا لسا بخير


  1. I just read that.

    Roba, I’m in love. Woop!

    I’m so posting about this. I just got what could have possibly been the umpteenth jawal message about Denmark and the boycott. I seriously wish the senders would just boycott me, as well.

    The man voiced each and every one of my thoughts concerning the matter (if there is one at all).

    All hail the sand monkey.

  2. Do you like shoes?

  3. Hello, to me, that sandmonkey sounded funny.

  4. He sounded smarter than our parliament. I hope that people learn the meaning of the word pathetic.
    I don’t boycott someone because he thinks in a different way, even if I find that way offensive to me, if so I think I should boycott almost all the planet.
    I may boycott a Zionist company because it supports our killers, I may boycott Al-Qa3edah, or anybody related to it, because they kill people, but I don’t boycott someone for being different.
    And even if somebody offended me, I just won’t be that crybaby, and oh no he offended me, I want to boycott him; that is just ridiculous.

  5. O.A.

    3adi sand monkey… you get that every now and then :P

  6. I am blushing. Seriously. My cheeks are currently the color of my butt.

  7. Angel from there

    Damped if we do!!! Damped if we don’t.
    How many more centuries of ignorance and total insecurity should we go ,before we know it dose not matter a bit ,you and your faith is above every days chit chat .
    God ,pleas spare us , and inspire us to be more secured as believers ,and mind what is really good for us .

  8. roba!! say do you think that logic is a relative term?

  9. hehe this sand monkeys amazing i like this dude, n i like the way he thinks n its true about wat he’s saying, just wish ppl would stop being blinded with stupidity and see logically

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