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Anything else…?

Because Amino asked me to…

Five Facts about me
1. I’ve recently developed a rather corny affection towards Superman.
2. I think superhero’s are shibby ;) even if they are obsessed with their charming looks and sleek cars.
4. I’m scared of beards and scarves.
3. I believe the world would be better off secularized. (on a side note, the IAF unfortunately chose one of the most beautiful spots in Amman to place their quarters on)
5. I ‘m attracted to geeks.

Three things I like about others
1. A certain weirdness.
2. An ability to be able to teach me something new every day.
3. A whole ton of intellect.

Three things I hate about others
1. Intolerance and lack of logic.
2. Em… people who can’t spell and get too enthusiastic about exclamation marks and smilies and stuff…
3. Lack of passion.

1. Fadi Haddad
2. Gaya
3. Super Devoika
4. Abed Miqdadi


The Face of Mohammad


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  1. Hey Roba .. thank you for joining the fun .. It is great to get to know you better :D

    The whole thing started here:

    and here:

    Cheers …

  2. Roba, help me out here:

    At the risk of being a fun-crusher, but how does “4-scared of beards & scarves” fit with “1-Intolerance & lack of logic”?

    Would it be taken so keenly if a residual of you, say; an IAF Roba declared her fearsome from clean-shaved men & low-waist belly-bearing women?

    Beards-fearing is so early nineties, people are making distinctions now a days: dirty-look beards, Gulf-tourist beards, fist-long beards…etc, Get over it.

  3. Well of course we can make many distinctions between types of beards, but I think in America there are two main widely accepted categories: the beard of the religious Jew or Muslim and the beard of the dissident intellectual.

    But that probably only refers to a conventional “full” beard. More comprehensively, this interesting website illustrate 25 different types.

  4. kinzi

    Roba, thanks for another look into your heart and mind.

    I join her as a beard fearer, Basem.Maybe as the full beards are sometimes accompanied by mono-brows, looking a little scary.

  5. Roba, I am too scared of beards and scarves. I think it’s like a side-effect of superior intellect*.

    *Not really, but I am just feelin like pissing some people off, if you know what I mean. :P

    oh well… my only prob is that i dnt have anyone to tag after this :S

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