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Bite a Dentist Day

Yeah, ok, I wish.
But anyway, here’s some branding that made me smile. I love it. It is so simple yet so unique, and quite gutsy too.
Now here’s a dentist that I wouldn’t mind visiting. Not to bite. Just to, you know, look. Or something.
Wow. So much for eloquence.

[Via Advertising/Design Goodness]


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  1. I am sorry .. I hate all dentists, no matter how creative

  2. This guy – or whoever does his design work – is AWESOME! :)

  3. wow..I agre with lulu..this is lovely..brilliant designer.

  4. lool..
    this is hilairious!

  5. Nice. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever decide to resume dental practice.

  6. Haha, glad you guys enjoyed it. Any other stereotypical ideas? Like what should a computer geek be branded with.. hm mm..
    Laith, cool :) I can’t imaging you as a dentist!

  7. Very clever :)

  8. kicks ass..

  9. when i was 5, i bite a dentist’s thumb while he was pulling out my tooth..
    he got 2 stiches..

    about the design, i like it.. very slick and creative..

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