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Does anyone know where I can find an antique or junk store or something in Amman or somewhere very close to Amman? Think, old Jordanian wooden doors, real street signs (yes, I know I can just steal one at night, but let’s try to be good and all for the sake of mommy, ok Mr. Kit Kat Chair?), and perhaps a real pinball machine or something. You know. Odd real stuff. Think along the lines of the decor at Applebee’s.


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  1. Anonymous

    downtown, close to the veggie market, there is an underground passage where you can find old furniture and metals

  2. I would say Majdi mall….!!!

    I saw some signs, wooden doors, and other stuff but I don’t know if they qualify as antique….!!!

  3. kinzi

    Some foreigners call the big parking lot between Italian st. and the Ras’ Il Ein st toward teh ballad ‘the pit’ – great buys on old furniture.

    If you don’t mind pricy, there is Zeina near Grand Market

  4. Anonymous

    in balad(down town)… there is a secret passage found in the most absurd location just behind a tree that has ‘peace’ written all over it. Well, the passage is actually under a bush and is very hard to find, after u go into the passage, you will find yourself in an alley way leadnig you into an underground room that has many antiques that are amazing as well as well priced… enjoy

  5. Down town, at TALAL St. or at the “Joora” in sagf el seil St., but listen , watch out 3 things there, 1)policemen will be more than happy to book you a ticket so park it somewhere safe, 2) people there love to yet7arkasho in others, so please don’t go on your own , 3) betfasalo real well.

  6. Yes Roba I was going to suggest Zaina in Jaber compound in front of grand supermarket.kinzi where exactly is that parking lot?

  7. Beit El-Turath, on the way from the eighth circle to the King Hussein Medical Center! It has a whole bunch of interesting old stuff… big wooden closets and doors, and small odd items that were used in the past :)

  8. There is a shop in the Downtown, saqf el sail near to the orthodox church, it’s all anitques!try to get there :)

  9. kinzi

    Goodness, you all are making me wanting to go discover all these places!

    Salam, as you go straight down Ras Il Ain, pass big street up to Wihdat and you will see the furniture place on your right. Buses pull in and out in front of it. If I am driving I make the first right and park at the parking area after Italian Hosp then take the stairs down to the ‘pit’. It is a mess, don’t wear heels, but there are great finds (and it you do find something, treat it for bedbugs before brining it in the house :))

  10. It sounds like the next JP meet-up should be a shopping spree.

  11. hi roba…theres a small store right next to khilda’s stop lights called sharqeyat or somehting close to that but all he have is wood stuff and rusted metal

  12. i forgot to say the store is on the right if u r coming from bashiti’s stop light

  13. wow some interesting places. I think i’ll write all of these down to go to one day!

  14. Ba3raflek ma7al Khurda o scrab eshi tage3!U know those guys who come around:Talajat,ghasalat,kanabayat,whatever lal beeeeee3, I’ll take u to their show”room”.
    Okay, here is what u gonna do….next time the Talajat,kanabayat dude is in ur 7ara stop them and ask for their showrooms locations, they’ll be more than happy to provide u with their address and website.Though u gotta to get up early,they come around at 6am!
    Street signs?Go to any خطاط shop, u’ll find some in Sweelh’s industrial zone (go to a small one, not those arrogant snobs, big shiny nice shops with a fake blonde owner)

    Ru looking for Junk or antique?
    Try the Engineering Workshops in UofJ. If u r looking for real junk then Wehdat is the place, though I advice u to have ur brother accompany u, and he should dress like any typical Mekaneeki, otherwise they’ll be selling u the Junk rather giving it for free..

    So what ru up to?

  15. Thank you guys! I was honestly not expecting much replies.. yay, you made my day! :D
    I’m so excited to go visit all these places now…
    Firas, not up to anything ;) Just want to find some stuff..

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