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Ziad at Vinigrette )


I have crush on Apple


Bottle Cap Tripod


  1. Mmmm, looks so good!

    If you ever find yourself in western Massachusetts, I promise to take you to my favorite sushi place. It’s about 45 minutes from my house but it’s so worth it… :-)

  2. sashimi is good…

    but you didn’t say which resturant is this, couse I’d like to try…..?!?!

  3. Gus

    Robaaaa, now I really, really, really want to eat sushi! Its looks soo good here.

  4. looks yummy

  5. Anonymous

    I once knew this person who ate sushi with a fork and a knife.

    Boy isn’t that the funniest thing you heard?!

  6. Anonymous

    i eat sushi with a fork and a knife :D


  7. Anonymous

    ha ha ha, this is so funny

  8. Thanks for my first sushi experience Roobs ;) the first of many hopefully ;p

    well, I just realized I should’ve made you take a picture of me expertly handling the chopsticks, hehe!

  9. She

    Oh. My. God.

    I’m practically drooling on my keyboard (which will certainly not impress international visitors scheduled to arrive in a few hours…). That platter looks absolutely amazing!

    I assume that was only the first course…

  10. I think you should try Beni Hana ” Le Meridien” & Samurai “Le Royal”

  11. i LOVE sushi, I WANT sushi

  12. The plate looks inviting .. but still .. I don’t like sushi …

    Sa7ten ya jama3a .. you love and that’s what matters :)

  13. Yummy, this looks delicious!
    Ya, what restaurant is this?
    Ok, now you got me wanting Sushi ! and we don’t have any here!!!

  14. sushi taghmees ;)

  15. haha, perhaps we should have our next meet-up at vinigrette! everyone appears to like sushi!

  16. Anonymous

    ok you guys. come to toronto and get all you can eat sushi for just $9.99 i.e. 6 jds. you are welcome! foul ice cream and fresh green beans. stay away from the tandouri, it’s for suckers!

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