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The life of a design student…

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I guess I would take being at some kitsch printing center arguing over colors late at night for a project final than trying to cram for a test, but it gets so tedious anyway!

Especially when nothing goes right- my red is a 7afartali shade of watermelon pink, Sara forgot to create the outlines so the font looks funny, Noor’s file is busted… and the project is due in less than 7 hours! The waiting que at the printers is 2 hours long, so we’ll pick them up tomorrow before class although class starts at 8:00 AM sharp.Ya 7alawlaw.

Stressing at the moment in the freezing winter, but I’m looking forward laughing about it in a few months just like we laugh at all the times we spent creating clay furniture and taking pictures of chairs.

I’m praying for snow tonight.

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The life of a design student 2…


  1. Dar

    Oh , i wish you lots of good luck on your project , and hope everything goes smoothly without more trouble !
    Tamneena sho ra7 yseeer ma3ek

  2. Trust me you are living a dream, enjoy it.

  3. hello, it’s almost 10 am now so i hope things went well for you and your friends. I like the mp3 usb flashport but i couldn’t get the idea clearly , would u please explain it Roba?

  4. I know what you’re talking about and it sucks. Inshalla kolo 3a khair.

    Try our Map design, or Naf in 3abdalli? or al talabaat al handaseye in Gardens. Those have good quality printing. NAF has good prices, the others are a bit pricey but for definate good quality

  5. Good luck Roobs :) you will laugh about all of this a couple of weeks from now! Think of it this way; it was a good blog-worthy story ;p

    I look forward to reading more about this semester’s projects.

  6. Best of luck in your project Roba!! i know innek gadha o gdood!! :)

  7. im not gonna wish you luck because you dont need it. you are great at what you do and you will always suceed! cant wait to hear more about this project.

  8. Thanks for your kind wishes you guys! :)

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