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The life of a design student 2…

Waiting for the janitor to open the door....

With plans to hit the sack after my class, I was so high on caffeine this morning that everything around me was just absolutely and mindblowingly amusing(oooh).

To make things even better, it’s a Saturday, so the University of Jordan was beautifully desolate- so desolate that the janitor(with the keys) showed up 35 minutes late, so I spent my morning sitting on the floor in the hallways of the hideously green IT department, amusing myself with my ever-handy Canon.

Click on thumbs below to get magically morphed into another window with the actual image as well as a caption:

Oops...The Mohammads///MusalaEmpty....

College of Art in Design (IT Department)Me and Noor being all huggy-huggyEmptyMarah


The life of a design student…


I have crush on Apple


  1. hmmm, if this black belt of dirt on the wall wasnt to exist, it would look like a hospital!!!

    an abandond hospital in the war field!

    (this post was sponsored by writing my project’s documentation for over 35 continous non sleeping hours now!)

  2. God,Roba,your pictures brought me back so many memories.I’ve been away from these bare walls of JU for ten years now..but I can still feel the cold out there!!keep them coming!

  3. For some weird weird reason I was google searching images of Starbucks in Amman on google and I came across your blog…
    I should probably introduce myself.. Name (obvious) Fadi and I’ve lived in Toronto for 8 yrs.. I’m from amman originally and I just found ur blog quite interesting.. I’m a 4th yr planning and urban Design student at the Univeristy of Waterloo so I found soo many of ur artistic photos/project really cool.. But seriously u brought back so manny 3mmany memories..

    you should check out this famous art school here in Kanaka called OCAD – they have the craziest building:

    Check this out too:


  4. roba….
    ahh… i miss u all guys…. say my salams to them….

  5. Nasim, lol, I know.. the green is hideous like I say! It’s funny though… Our department is a warm color of orange and they make us take most of our classes in this greeness :

    Salam, tab cool :) Memories are good!

    Fadi, hello :) like I said to Salam, memories are good.. I’m glad I can do that at least.. wow, the building is awesome! Very experimental… I’m loving it! Thanks for sharing.

    Super Devoika, wallahi we miss you too. A lot! :)

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