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A little magical advertising

Here are some advertisements that are so creatively genioustic that everyone should stop whatever they’re doing, study them for a minute or so, and sigh in appreciation.

What I love most about these ads is that they are practically interactive- they interact stunningly with the environment they were place in.

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

Bacardi ‘Limbo Dance’ via Ad Hunt.
I really enjoy the creative use of space. It’s both very unconventional and very suitable for the purpose of the add.

Pedigree, a dog food company, placed these stickers on floors in front of pet shops to lure the attention of dogs being walked. A little evil… but creative nonetheless. I like!
Also via Ad Hunt

I’m also really in love with these umbrellas produced by Gloss Salons. I thought it was such a smart way to advertise the salon, not only in terms of hair cuts, but also in terms of customer loyalty, smart tagline, and the walking display theme. Very ingenious.
Via Advertising/Design Goodness (yummy indeed)

I also tremendously like this ad by Duracel.
Via Advertising/Design Goodness

Although this last ad is a little different style from the other 4(as in, not interactive), I just can’t help but post it- I love it! Perhaps it’s because I’m both a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and markers… Yeah, it’s not the most pleasant sight, but its so creative nonetheless.



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  1. Pedigree, have mercy!

    Duracel’s ad is amazing. You can’t help but ask yourself, how come I haven’t thought of that. Nice.

  2. I feel sorry for the dogs.

  3. cool ads, and I like the use of jimi hedrix, these markers last for a long of time :p

  4. thanks for sharing Roba.. great ideas indeed!

  5. Ziad D.

    Hey folks,
    Please nominate Roba for best middle eastern blog. The polls are closing this friday Jan 20th. She deserves it. Here is the URL:


  6. Glad you guys liked them!

    Ziad, thank you :) I sent you an email.

  7. liked the doracel one ;)
    this is what i call creativity, making the ad noticable as if its part of the natural structure of objects!

  8. doracel!!!! am i dumb or what!
    ohh it’s a nice bat!

    hmm, I dont think ill delete the last comment ;P
    hehe, this is what happens after programming on a microsoft technology for 4 continous months!

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