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The next Jordanian blogger meet-up will be held on Saturday the 11th of February, but we’re anticipating a very high level of attendance, and we need a really spacious place. I would absolutely love it if anyone could suggest somewhere that would comfortably seat around 30 people. Much thanks!

Battle of the Brands

Apple. Google. Google. Apple. Google.

That’s how the list of leading brands for the past 5 years looks like, with Google wearing the golden crown for 2005, and Apple serving as 1st runner up.

The 8 other shiners on the top 10 list are Skype, Starbucks, Ikea, Nokia, Yahoo!, Firefox, eBay, and Sony. Other brands include Zara, Amazon, Nike, adidas, and Puma.

Both Skype and Firefox are first-timers into the list at all(and people doubt the presence of Web 2.0), and the list is noticably becoming more technological with the years(me loves technology). Al-Jazeera lost it’s top-10 slot to become number 35(Ahmad Humeid’s post on Al-Jazeera), as did Coca-Cola for the first time in 3 years(interesting to note that in 2005, Pepsi overtook Coca-Cola in market capitalisation for the first time in 112 years of fierce competition). Meanwhile, Ikea, Nokia, and Starbucks have maintained a strong foothold.

Nokia is number one brand Europe and Africa, followed by Ikea, Skype, Zara, BMW, BBC, adidas, Al-Jazeera, H&M, and Jordanian company Aramex (which made me smile).

Check out the whole report here.

Related(or maybe not so related but something I can’t help but share): Microsoft cares.

Bite a Dentist Day

Yeah, ok, I wish.
But anyway, here’s some branding that made me smile. I love it. It is so simple yet so unique, and quite gutsy too.
Now here’s a dentist that I wouldn’t mind visiting. Not to bite. Just to, you know, look. Or something.
Wow. So much for eloquence.

[Via Advertising/Design Goodness]

Google Earth- changing the world?

First off, there were those recents reports on Google Earth being a tool used by insurgents, terrorists and Commies. Then, Google Earth was dubbed the biggest threat to democracy.

Now, Google Earth is the next marketing tool- companies are painting huge ads on their roofs for the best equipping the aerial photos. Cool.

(via Fabrica)


Does anyone know where I can find an antique or junk store or something in Amman or somewhere very close to Amman? Think, old Jordanian wooden doors, real street signs (yes, I know I can just steal one at night, but let’s try to be good and all for the sake of mommy, ok Mr. Kit Kat Chair?), and perhaps a real pinball machine or something. You know. Odd real stuff. Think along the lines of the decor at Applebee’s.

Top 10 reasons no one reads your blog

I first started blogging for myself- I needed a space to sort of “save” things that inspired me and jot down random notes about various designs and products that I thought could be useful for inspiration later on. As a Jordanian blogging community developed, my blogging style changed and became more personal- instead of just “reblogging” various designs, I started commenting on them (thus earning myself various reputations such being “all about colors”, “imphalsapheh”, and “control freak”). The community kept growing, and like any trend, blogging started to attract people because it sort of became “cool”.

Anyway… while doing my regular blog-surfing, I came upon a list compiled by the dudes at Gaping Void entitled “Top 10 Reasons No One Reads Your Blog“- inspired by it, I will share some of their reasons as well as add a dose of my Jordan-centric usual imphalsaph commentry.

I will even go on and risk being called a biatch by dedicating this list to some of the recent submittals to Jordan Planet(and this is where Isam and Iyas shoot me).
Take it with a grain of salt.

1. You’ve only been blogging for a week. Heck, even a month.
This is a huge turn off. Work on your blog. Perfect it. Love it. Make it you.
Then share it.
(bonus link: it less than a blink to judge online content, so make it good!)

2. You have nothing to say!
I believe that this is rule numero uno when it comes to blogging (and a lot of other stuff but let’s stick to the point, shall we?). Dude, blogging is all about saying- if you’re blogging to be a part of community, it’s not really blogging is it?
I get really annoyed when people ask questions such as “What should I blog about?” or alternatively complain about lack of inspiration. Blogging is a frenzy- it is not a perfectly calculated and painstakingly edited have-to-be-published-everyday newspaper. Do it because you feel like it, otherwise it feels forced out, and that is baaaad.
My advice to you, if you don’t have anything to say, spare us the pictures of cute babies, the terribly photoshopped junk you found on “Worth 1000“, and content off forwards I recieved back in ’98 (dude, forwards are so Web 0.1, get over it).

3. There’s nothing in it for them.
One of the reasons that got me into blogging is because I felt like it was personally enriching, and you seriously don’t need to be a nuclear physist who’s writing about how to dismantle an atomic bomb to be enriching.
One of my favorite blogs ever is “Dooce“, whose favorite topics(as you can see from her categories) include “Poop”, “Boobs”, and “Sleep”, yet Heather writes so darn beautifully and cunningly that I hang on to every single sentence she writes in an obsessive compulsive way. Her writing style enriches my own and makes me going back for more.

4. “Passion & Authority” are just buzzwords to you.

5. You’re not a good-looking female who likes posting naked pictures of herself. Can’t overemphasize that one enough ;)

6. U rite like an annoyin’ 13 year old boy who just reached puberty. Ya I am serius this pisses me off like krazy. U cant spell for shit u cant expres urslf bi negleh and u have never heard of punctaytion. it is not kewl 2 not know how to spell, kid, use ur spell chicker. it is not kewl 2 replace “are” with “r”, “you” with “u”, and “too” with “2”. for the love of god, c’s are round and pretty, ditch the k’s.
also, pleeze dont go overexited and add tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many leters2make a point or use toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many colors 2 spice things up. Less is more.
finally, pleeze go ez on the use of emoticons and smiley faces- they belong in the 70’s when LCD’s made everything look pritty and shit.
oh, ya, i cant help but add that a sentence never starts with “am” (am so sorry, am so happy, am so annoyed), there’s always a nice long “I” before the “am”.

Such an annoying way of writing is a mockery to intelligence.

7. You’re not Jameed.
Jameed is funny. You are not. Get over it.

8. You think Comic Sans is cool. Go to hell.

9. You whine about traffic. That’s the biggest no-no. Remember, you don’t blog for traffic, you blog for blogging. See points number 1, 2, and 3.

10. Although I can think of a few more reasons, I’d like you guys to tell me what you think number 10 should be. What keeps you coming back? What turns you off a blog? I’d hate to be the only imphalsapheh person around.

Bottle Cap Tripod

You may need to be someone who takes as many amateur pictures as I do(that’s around 50 a day) in order to appreciate this “gadget”. What it actually does is turn any bottle into an instant tripod! (and this where the pros look at me with disgust)

I love it! It would be so useful because water bottles are always available and tripods are SO heavy! And here I will agree with Josh of Cool Hunting, “It’s better than the balancing act I’ve resorted to on numerous occasions.”

[By Semsons via Cool Hunting]



Ziad at Vinigrette )

I have crush on Apple

I have one heck of a crush on Apple. The kind of glorious crush where I feel like passing out when surrounded by a certain amount of beautiful and perfect pieces of machinery. The kind of corporeal crush where I want to run the tips of my fingers over the cold metal and soft plastic and get bedazzled by the faery-style white light. The kind of crush where I want to put an Apple laptop inside a lucite case and place it lovingly on my coffee table as some sort of ultra-modern readymade sculpture for the sole purpose my visual enjoyment.

Crush, I say, not love- the kind of carnal crush that might or might not develop into a real beneficial relationship, because, truth is, I’m a PC user, and probably will continue being so for a while(I mean, dude, check this out, via Y. Malakha).

Anyhow, during the past several days since Apple unveiled both the Macbook Pro and the result of putting an Intel chip in bed with a Mac, I’ve been watching the reaction in the blogosphere with amazement. Steve Jobs is a marketing genius. The guy just has a gift for understanding what appeals to millions of consumers(I guess someone did quite well in Public Relations 101). People all over the world are reacting as if someone has just discovered the elixir of life!

Just check out how the Jobs & Co. Describe their new machine, “You’ve dreamed about it long enough. Now it has a name: MacBook Pro. Powered by a dual-core Intel engine. Up to four times the speed of the PowerBook G4. Eight times the graphics bandwidth. With built-in iSight for instant video conferencing on the move. And Front Row with Apple Remote to dazzle everyone in the room. Wait no more.”

Ooh, baby! Check out all the emotional and sexual connotations. Sleek, hot, I’m drooling- dude, sex sells.

Naturally with all the glowing media attention after Apple’s Big Announcement ’06, Apple’s stock price headlines ended up in everyone’s RSS readers- shares surged a record-breaking more than $4 on the same day of the unveiling and an additional $3 the next day breaking a record yet again. Stocks for Apple are at an all time high.

Pretty cool. I bow to Jobs.

Apple’s 30th anniversary is coming up on April 1. I’m actually excited to see reactions of Apple evanglistis and the adoring retrospective media coverage.

For the love of technology? For a heck of a lot of brand power? For His Jobness Steve? For the cool-ization and sexy-ization of geekdom? For the beautiful machinery? Who knows.

The life of a design student 2…

Waiting for the janitor to open the door....

With plans to hit the sack after my class, I was so high on caffeine this morning that everything around me was just absolutely and mindblowingly amusing(oooh).

To make things even better, it’s a Saturday, so the University of Jordan was beautifully desolate- so desolate that the janitor(with the keys) showed up 35 minutes late, so I spent my morning sitting on the floor in the hallways of the hideously green IT department, amusing myself with my ever-handy Canon.

Click on thumbs below to get magically morphed into another window with the actual image as well as a caption:

Oops...The Mohammads///MusalaEmpty....

College of Art in Design (IT Department)Me and Noor being all huggy-huggyEmptyMarah

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