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Canvassing around the Planet

Lost count of the meet-ups like I said earlier… in too much of a good mood to write anything intelligable(is that word?)
People there:

Ahmad Humeid
Laith Zreigat
Laith Majali
Joe Kalis
Ziad Kawar
Mariam Adas
Ammar Ibrahim
Alaa Ibrahim
Isam Bayazidi
Abeer Bayazidi
Jad Madi
Rami Abdel-Rahman
Mohammad Arrabi
Nader Shnoudi
Mira Shnoudi
Lina Ejeilat
Tamer Al Nasser
Naseem Tamimi

Bas? Felt like much more… let me know if I forgot someone…

My favorite part? We had Al-Bawaba, Jeeran, and Maktoob on the same table. Awesome. We also had toot :)

bay 10683 bay 10684

bay 10685 bay 10688

bay 10679 bay 10678

bay 10677 bay 10676

You can find more pictures in the Jordan Meetup pool I created on Flickr, and please add any pictures you might have.

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Rhetorical questions(; “a rhetorical question is one asked solely to produce an effect (especially to make an assertion) rather than to elicit a reply”):
So why is it hijab is directly associated with being an Arab? Am I not an Arab because I’m not planning on wearing hijab? Why is it that Islam is associated with hijab? Is a woman not Muslim unless she wears hijab?

Billboards at a university in Kuwait:

“I am a [female] university student …
and my appearance suits my university.”

“I learn … I discuss … I debate
We compete in loving our university”

Ye! So even in the field of eduaction, men should go learn, debate, and discuss while women should sit at home and think of how to make sure their collars suffocate them[via Just Another Blog].


Understand, I’m not saying anything about hijab, I’m just pissed off at the priorities of this campaign.

While we’re on the subject of hijab, here are some interesting international ads:

“More education for girls in Islamic countries”

West vs. East
“West / East
Both sides of intolerance.”

Hmm.. I’m not sure I get the second one, but I do absolutely love the first one. Amazing art direction! [Ads of the World]

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Dressing up those streetlights

I really like the idea of this, it’s very simple yet very creative. Stencils were used to cover street lights, thus creating instant digital images. I like, I like a lot!

+ Advertising/ Design Goodness

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Ahh, white plastic chair! White plastic chair!

I have a very “photographic” memory, in the sense that an experience to me is remembered as a still snap shot rather than a living, moving memory- which is perhaps why I take pictures so much.

A constant component in my memory snapshots is the white plastic chair; it’s stacked in dozens somewhere in the snapshot of my grandfather’s funeral 15 years ago, it’s smelling of coconut oil and sunscreen in a pool memory, and it’s dirty and broken in some squash room party back in Riyadh. And these are only a few mentions…

All this said, as practical and efficient as the white plastic chair is, I absolutely abhor it. Aestetically speaking, it is hideous.

But it is also a global icon, whether it’s beautiful, or not… It’s just there, a part of the daily life of billions of people, whether they are aware of it, or not…

And here’s where good design comes in- giving the white plastic chair a modern, delicious and mouthwatering edge.

Front Design proposes a luxe version covered in leather.

Jerzy Seymour has redesigned one for Magis.

Studio Ball finds gold.

A grafitti version by Collect Guixe

Rebecca Halstedt invents a prosthetic to transform it into a rocking chair.

The chair as fossil as imagined by Robert Stadler, and 5.5 Designers version of a wounded plastic chair.

My favorite would probably be the pink one, it’s quite hot and beyond welcome in my home.


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