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Ahh, white plastic chair! White plastic chair!

I have a very “photographic” memory, in the sense that an experience to me is remembered as a still snap shot rather than a living, moving memory- which is perhaps why I take pictures so much.

A constant component in my memory snapshots is the white plastic chair; it’s stacked in dozens somewhere in the snapshot of my grandfather’s funeral 15 years ago, it’s smelling of coconut oil and sunscreen in a pool memory, and it’s dirty and broken in some squash room party back in Riyadh. And these are only a few mentions…

All this said, as practical and efficient as the white plastic chair is, I absolutely abhor it. Aestetically speaking, it is hideous.

But it is also a global icon, whether it’s beautiful, or not… It’s just there, a part of the daily life of billions of people, whether they are aware of it, or not…

And here’s where good design comes in- giving the white plastic chair a modern, delicious and mouthwatering edge.

Front Design proposes a luxe version covered in leather.

Jerzy Seymour has redesigned one for Magis.

Studio Ball finds gold.

A grafitti version by Collect Guixe

Rebecca Halstedt invents a prosthetic to transform it into a rocking chair.

The chair as fossil as imagined by Robert Stadler, and 5.5 Designers version of a wounded plastic chair.

My favorite would probably be the pink one, it’s quite hot and beyond welcome in my home.


December meet-up: time and venue

We will hold December’s meet-up at Canvas in Jabal Il-Weibdeh, on Friday the 23rd, at 6:3o PM.

A high level of attendance is anticipated, so if you didn’t already, please let me know if you’re coming for reservation purposes.

Below is a map for Canvas (Tel: +962 (0)6 4632211), but if you’ve never been there or to the National Gallery, I urge you to call them and ask for directions because Weibdeh is a maze.

If anyone needs any staff contact information email me at

The best breakfast in town…

bay 944

One of our favorite treats is going to go have lunch at the Bakehouse, a little(or recently, not so little anymore) breakfast house in an offbeat corner in Jabal Amman.

I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, and I’d most definitely never ever consider ordering omlettes, yet I find myself craving the famous Bakehouse omlette ever so often(and I’m actually craving one now). It’s so good that I’m totally willing to advertise it for free!

Aside from their finger-licking-good omlettes, it’s really a quite an endearing place in terms of design- a hideous shade of bright mint green, with a really tacky brown brick wall pattern, fake flowers in china milk bottles, and parquet floors. Very Napoleon Dynamite, which only adds to the experience.

bay 947

And here’s a picture I can’t help but share… I really do love the holiday season, whether the town turns into half moons or Christmas lights, and weather Abdo is wearing a suit or dressed as Santa. He makes a very scary Santa though doesn’t he?

bay 10649

UPDATE: Click here for map of Bakehouse. Jabal Amman, Rainbow Street.

Cups and Kilos(Abdo place) is infront of the Radisson SAS in Jabal Amman.

Chocoholic Nightmare

I hate this season! It’s hot one day… it’s freezing the other… it’s sunny… it’s rainy… It’s the perfect excuse for colds and flus!

And colds and flus it is… I’m sick; my brothers’ are sick; my friends are sick; the whole world is sick!

Which is where my brother Omar, the ultimate chocoholic, comes in…

“Torture… psychological torture. I just finished a whole bag of Hershey’s and I didn’t taste one bit of the chocolatey flavour because of the damn cold! And even worse, every now and then I can taste this pinch of sweetness in my mouth which tastes somewhat like chocolate, making me want more… but I can’t have more!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m gonna explode!”

Poor guy.

Announcing the December Jordanian Blogger Meet-up

Ok, so the Decemeber Jordanian blogger meet-up will be held on Friday the 23rd of December at 6:30 PM.

We have three four(yes, I can’t count, I can’t count- do you have to rub it in?) special guests showing up: Madas, Ziad, Rami, Laith Majali, and Abu Sinno.

Place of meet-up is still undecided, because someone is threatning to shoot me if we have it at Wild Jordan one more time. Suggestions have included a terrace, Canvas, and Amigos.

From my side, it’s a big no-no to Amigos and terraces, but I think Canvas sounds appealing(but please suggest). Quite honestly, I still think Wild Jordan is the perfect place to have it, but I’ve been in a cocoonish mood, so you vote!

Add a note, comment, email, etc, if you’re coming so that I can reserve. You can also email me at with your email/phone number and I will email you/SMS you once we have a set place to go.


The fine print: all Jordanian bloggers and none-Jordanian bloggers currently in/visiting Jordan are invited.

NOTE: If you are a Jordanian blogger not residing in Jordan or a blogger interested in meeting Jordanian bloggers and you happen to have a trip to Jordan scheduled any time within the next several months, email me and I will arrange a meet-up.

And further away…

I guess it’s a family thing.

Phalsapheh: fal·sa·feh (noun): the character of being a smart ass

I am always being accused of being extremely im-phalsapheh(moi?), and admittedly, I’ve always been very good at BS-ing my way out of stuff.

But now, here I am; 4:22 AM, sitting in front of a glowing LCD that makes everything look pretty, and trying for the life of me to rake my brain for phalsapheh.


Alas, world! I can atphalsaph needlessly about coffee cups, advertisements, and musical events , but I can’t atmphalsaph about an artwork when I have to submit a critique in a few days.

But seriously, just look at a sampling of the critique questions I have to answer:

  • Is the work integral? Was it conceived or realized, or is it a part of a fragment?
  • Suppose you judge the work you are examining not as the product of a man or artist but as the representation of objects in relation to your physical and optical experiences; by do doing, do you feel you can understand the work for what it is in “itself”?
  • Do you find the work you are examining “beautiful”?
  • What do the words “fruition” and “enjoyment” of a work of art mean to you? Intellectual stimulation or sensual fruition or enjoyment?
  • If, in visual works with the same theme or same function, we find differences or atypical ness, even singularity and uniqueness of form and language rather than identity and equality, what can you deduce?

At the moment, I’m thinking “Huhhhhhhhhh?!?!”

Hopefully, I’ll be smarter tomorrow morning.

How dare anyone wonder how I can be so mphalsapheh? I’m gonna be doing it for a living.

Why Abu Samer made a bad blogger(although I agree with his point)

Abu-Samer says:
i always thought people are trying to make blogging somethign it is not
Abu-Samer says:
people had personal websites for a long time
Abu-Samer says:
which ranged from the serious to the retarded
Abu-Samer says:
it is on of these thigns that people jump on
Abu-Samer says:
it will die soon
Abu-Samer says:
at least it will level off
Abu-Samer says:
should not sya die
Abu-Samer says:
ya3ni it is the new atkins diet
Abu-Samer says:
blogging is the new atkins diet!

15 minutes later:

Roba says:
Abu-Samer says:
fix the typos
Roba says:
ma beddi
Roba says:
i like it
Abu-Samer says:
tayyeb at least capitalize the begining of the sentences
Roba says:
Abu-Samer says:
ma abradk
Abu-Samer says:
zinkha inti
Abu-Samer says:
biddik tifda7eeni
Abu-Samer says:
who knows if what i am typing now will be posted too now

The hugsie-oosie part of blog culture

A few months ago, Ethan Zuckermann wrote a sentence that I have come to use quite often;

“Become a blogger and you wi’ll never have to have coffee alone again.”

In Jordan, I cannot even start to count the numerous cups of coffee that I’ve had with various bloggers from all over the world, both Jordanian and otherwise; went off to Riyadh, and one of the people on my primary-list-of-people-to-see was fellow Saudi “blogga sista” Farah. Every time, I find myself pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I am with the bloggers I’m meeting, and with specific bloggers, even feeling like they’re more of long lost friends than people I’ve just met.

This weekend, I got to meet around 90 bloggers from all over the world, most of whom I never read before- but within seconds, conversations quickly kicked off, whether they were about languages, culture, or operating systems.

Yet, but what really made me realize the implications of the intimacy of blogging was spending time with the bloggers whose blogs I’ve been following for years- Subzero Blue, Aquacool, Sabbah, and Madas.


When I arrived at London in the afternoon, the art freak in me was too excited to go museum touring in the few hours before dinner, so I just dropped my bags at the reception in the hotel and went to the Tate Modern(where I almost had a heart attack from the first hand beauty of works by DuChamp, Warhol, Mondrian, Rodin, and Picasso). Between figuring out the directions to the Tate Modern, how the hell to use the tube station, and where in the humongousity of a city I’ve never been to before is the restaurant at, I arrived to the dinner quite late. But after a day of extreme feelings in regards to foreign-ity, seeing Haitham, Eman, MMM, and Ethan, all of whom I’ve met once before, was like finding myself sitting in Wild Jordan and starting at what I’ve grown up staring at- Amman’s mountains.

bay 10602

I spent the entire next day with Eman and MMM, whether at the summit or afterwards when we went and spent the evening walking around London with another Jordanian blogger, Madas.

bay 10606 London

As for hugsie-oosie, one of the instances that made me laugh during the GVO Summit this Saturday was David Sasaki on the difference between bloggers and journalists-

“I feel like I’m a host at a party, talking to different people, like me introduce you to this person… tracking conversations. But in my mind, the blogosphere isn’t a “medium” as much as it is a cafe, a conversational space.
We should have more contact with journalists…I often end up meeting a blogger, and say “I know you, I read you, I’ve seen you on flickr”, and give them a hug. I don’t feel that way about journalists.
I’d like to… Would all journalists hug me, today?”

As for London, Roba is insanely in love with it; it is so beautifully diverse and so full of life. Add to that, the English are one heck of a beautifully dressed people(yes, yes, call me shallow, but it’s a very enjoyable experience looking at wonderfully dressed people, and damn, their shoes, their shoes!) Hopefully, I try to look for a chance to visit london for a prolonged period of time perhaps for an art course or something similar some time within the next few years.

As I didn’t get to see London during daytime for more than 2 hours, there are few pictures, most of which you can look at in my flickr photostream here, or you can just click on thumbs below.

bay 10537LondonLondonLondon

Global Voices

I’m sitting in a conference room of around 60 bloggers in Reuters, London, listening to a fascinating global conversation about blogging, the influence of blogging, and mainstream media.
I’m sure you’ve seen pictures on Haitham’s blog, who is sitting a meter away along with Eman AquaCool and MMM SubzeroBlue.

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