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Stuff I’ve been told this week

“You look like a Saudi geek.”

“Wow, you actually sound Jordanian!”

“You look like you’re from Nables.”


I love cheesecake.


Upon layers and layers of color


Yeah, well, what’s life without a few dragons?


  1. Nas

    I get…

    “wow, you do look moroccan” (upon finding out my mother is)

    and “you are too darkskinned to be a jordanian” (people who lived in amman all there life and think all jordanians are therefore white)

    also, when i travel or when im in canada everyone thinks im italian. in italy they dont even bother asking, they just start speaking italian to me.

    it’s funny when you’re caught between two places.

  2. I look jordanian,most of the time the give me the finger!!!

  3. I usually get:
    “U really look like Israelis!”

    and once a taxi driver asked:
    “ya zalame inta tiliani eshi?”

    lately most people are saying:
    “oh u got ur braces! say S !”
    (how considerate!)

  4. Fadi K

    Mesh nawi tetjawz? been told this 2 times a day in 2005!

  5. You should take cabs more often!They’ll put things in perspective for you!And enjoy them telling you: Lahjetek ethgeleh?Men ween enti ammo?

    Ba3deen u should watch more Jordanian soaps so you can blend in,try practising catch phrases like : Shu betgool,en7arag el masna3??
    Yamma bedde abe3 el arth o ahajer 3ala lemdeneh!

    Or, you could listen to Jameeed Kaaaaast!! lol

  6. lol so far I’ve got these:

    you look syrian

    you look 7alabeyye (syrian from halab)

    you look iranian -my brother

    you don’t look like arabs -my other brother

    you look azeri! you even look like my mom -my third brother’s wife, she’s azeri

    and the one that i haven’t heard since last summer (thank God i’ve put on some weight i guess):

    b ayya 9af inti?

  7. may I add to the list that an online friend said i look greek?

    i was even told that i look different everyday :-D

  8. When I was in Dubai .. I was mostly mistaken for an Indian or an Iranian .. No one could tell I was from Jordan

    The other day .. one of the guys in the supermarket heard talk over the phone .. and the conversation was in English .. he was shocked when I finally spoke to him in Arabic .. he said I thought you were not an Arab .. I said I am .. he said then .. me3natoh inti mish min hon .. akeed inti min barra el ordon … DUH

  9. here in SA, most of the time they think that i’ am a lebanese…
    in my last visit to Aqaba, no one figured that i’ am a jordanian unless i start talking … most of ppl started talking to me in english thinking that i’m a tourist. and the same thing happned with me in petra …
    taxi drivers in SA, never guessed my nationality, ” enta fey sory? lobnany? masry? aaahhhh ana fey goul enta men feyn… akeed enta lobnany bas ma fey yebgaha kalam, enta fey moshkel wajed sadeeg …

  10. I, too, LOOOOVE cheesecake.

  11. Anonymous

    you do look like a saudi geek

  12. kinzi

    I always get “Inti Bozni?”

    The one I hate, though is when they tell me how beautiful my GRANDdaughter is.

    Noe one wh loves cheesecake is a geek. Roba, have you had pumpkin cheesecake?

  13. What i usually get is:

    “Ok, where you from?”
    “Are you american?”
    “Are you british?”
    “You don’t even look like a german…nor like an arab.”

    One time I even got:

    “You sound as if you’re from Pakistan!”

  14. grand daughter?kinzi?how old are you?

  15. She

    There’s a restaurant chain in the US (maybe they’ve gone global, I don’t know) called “The Cheesecake Factory”. All the food is excellent (salads, pastas, sandwiches, breakfast, etc.), but their cheesecakes are truly outstanding – and they have more than 30 different kinds. If you go to their website (, you can even see pictures of some of the different cheesecakes (as well as lots of other items on the menu). I swear I put on weight just visiting the website!

  16. Well the most common things i hear:

    You look like a Jewish..!!
    You look like Woodie Alin !!
    You look like Abu Mahjoob !!
    You don’t look like anything !!

    Will that ok because I don’t care about how I look… I even don’t give a *** about who said it..

  17. Firas, your idea is already incorporated in the pilot show of JameedKast.

  18. Nas

    wael, you got the worst list man :-D

  19. OMG Roba, ur gonna make me sound like some braggadocio, nevertheless here is a list of all the ‘u look like’ i’ve gotten

    Pakistani (the closest I ever got home :-) )

    Gosh, i really wish I were a spy !

  20. Anonymous

    You forgot to mention you were told more than once ;
    We miss your blank post ,

  21. ok niwhsa..Russian, French, Italian and Philipino !!! :) I dont see where an italian meets with philipino :))

    Speaking of italian’s …Why does every one looks like an italian suddenlly !! Yes am jelouse. becuase i am not mistaken with anything…they will go like : where r u from ?? south or bado il sharg!!

  22. Nas, your mother is Moroccan? Cool.. I think you look Jordanian :) but I guess there’s something about your eyes that could easily pass for Italian…

    Abdelstar, lol, funny.

    Fadi H, lol! Yeah, I see where those come from too.. I didn’t see you yet after you got braces!

    Fadi K, haha, the ultimate Arab thing to say eh? :P

    Firas, I hate riding cabs! Bas ha ha, I get the lahjetek t2eeleh thing often.. I guess that’s what happens when you mix a childhood in Saudi Arabia w/an multinational community…

    SC, haha, 7alabeyeh eh? Ana hay il majanenti.. is there a certain look for 7alabis, or nawabelseh, or salteyeh or whatever? Ya3ni 2oli shekli so3odeyeh baskot.. bas the specifics are weird! And I get asked bi ay saf inti often too : I even get “Kabraneh!” every now and then! Natasha once greeted me with a kabraneh!!!

    Khalidah, I guess I see where Iranian comes from.. :)

    Ibrahim, yeah, bas mahoweh honestly Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and Palestinians all look very similar.

    Arafat, :) cheesecake is one of the best things on earth :)

    Anonymous, reveal your identity!

    Kinzi, lol, that’s funny. Anyway, expect an email from me soon.

    Mozzy, haha, cool.

    She, oh yeah? I’ve had the Cheesecake Factory before, I thought their cheesecakes are good. You know who has really good cheesecakes? Starbucks! (believe it or not)

    Wael, Woody Allen?!!! LOL!!! Shu jab la jab? :) that’s hilarious… and Abu Mahjoob?!!! Hahaha absolutely hilarious…

    Niwsha, lol, interesting! Russian, German, and French though? Funny.

    Anonymous, all in good time me friend.

    Bashar, waal waal, kaman south or sharg? :P

    Ziad, :) hope you’re not offended :)

  23. lol Roba, I also get the “kabrane” comment sometimes. last summer wihle in jordan they told me that i’m “6awlane” :-D

  24. hah, that’s interisting… the only comments I get are “you look Arab, but don’t know from where! You sound Arab, but you don’t have an Arabian accent from any region!”

  25. roba, what are you actually? Jordanian who used to live in Saudi or vice versa or Palestinian… if you don’t mind me asking!

    As for me, some would ask ” Are you Malay?” But they’ll get confused when they look at my mom as she is part chinese! And they’ll say to me, you look Indian!

  26. SC, LOL, we’re in this together! Thankfully, I don’t get tawlaneh though, I get asraneh :

    Fullstart, ha! Arab and not from any region? :D

    RE, lol sure of course I don’t mind :) To make a long story short, I hail from a little town in the West Bank called Nables(which is why I was surprised by “You look like you’re from Nables”. I wasn’t aware that people from Nables looked like a certain thing! I was born in Amman, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and I now live in Amman.

  27. That guy

    Hey all I was just browsing and I stumbled into this site, for some reason I also often get the question “What are you?” or something along those lines, and although I’m a white American guy, a large portion of my ancestry is Mediterranean as my father is Sicilian (southern Italian), making me somewhat different from the average white American of total northern/central European ancestry I suppose, whereas my mother’s side is a mixture of Italian, English, Irish, French, and German.

    Apparently I can pass for:


  28. SadiMan

    Ha ha haa..
    When I was in Spain, people though I am not a forigener.
    They always speak with me in their language (sometimes Catalony)!

    And when they asked me, I do my best to reply in the same language they asked me in! If not English, otherwise Arabic.

    I have been there about 20 days, and no one discovered that I was Saudi from Riyadh!! (Maybe their faces “some” looks like Arab I was able to speak their language excelent English).

    This applicable to some Arabs (mostly from Moroco) I meet in Spain :)

    Sounds interesting :)

    Good luck and thanks to you all brothers.
    SaudiMan ~[Proude to be Saudi]~

  29. SaudiMan

    Hi again..

    Even some “3arabayat :)” there (in Spain) could not realize I am Saudi!

    Thanks all for your nice replies :)

    SaudiMan ~[Proude to be Saudi]~

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