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Upon layers and layers of color


Art 101- chalk talk 1


Stuff I’ve been told this week


  1. u took this photo?

  2. yeah. weibdeh.

  3. walla lateefeh…ktheeeer nice

  4. Nice Picture Roba, you know i wana suggest something…how about a “Best Picture” contest between jordan planet bloogers ??

    Sabri will be the judge and not a contender :)

    I can see that many people have a talent for taking pictures around here…i wanted to post this suggestion on my Blog..BUT NO ONE WOULD SEE IT THERE :)))

  5. I like the idea, anyone?

  6. super devoika

    perfect picture…
    good for you girl…

  7. HaSSaN HaSaNiN

    nice pisture..
    minwain la6asgteehaa

  8. thanks guys!

    And hm, we are cooking up a similar idea :)

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