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Still craving sushi

Fuddruckers makes the best goddamn onion rings.

No, seriously! When we were living in Riyadh, a part of our weekly family routine was having lunch at Fuddruckers on Fridays. They were so good that I would spend the entire week waiting for Friday to come so that I can have Fuddrucker’s onion rings. I would dream of their crunchiness; I would not shut up about my cravings to my friends; I would smell their yummy smell in everything I ate.

It was an obsession.

So one Friday, in an attempt to satisfy my cravings(what my darling mother refers to as “Afkar Roba il Nayera”), I decided that instead of ordering a regular sandwich for lunch, I would only order a huge serving of family-sized platter of onion rings.

And so I did.

That day, perhaps 5 or so years ago, I discovered that it is literally impossible to only eat a platter of onion rings for lunch.

I still do not crave onion rings.

Anyhow, I’ve been dying for sushi for ages! All my attempts to get any of my friends to go have sushi with me proved completely futile, until last night, when I finally managed to go have some sushi with a group of friends.

Alas though, they are cheap with sushi! Or I am cheap with sushi. I don’t know! What I do know though is that I WANT MORE SUSHI!!! Perhaps I should exchange my friends temporarily with friends who like sushi- any candidates out there?

Me wants sushi…


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  1. Fuddruckers is the best thing in this City Riyadh… i had lunch today there (or yestarday since its 3:50 am) i really love thier food, especially their 6 ounce ribeye steak mmmmmmmm… its fantastic …
    as for the onion rings, i like it, but would never ask for a platter of onion rings like you did.
    as for sushi, you must visit this resturant here in Riyadh in Tahlia Street, i really forgot its name, but its the best one for sushi … you love it

  2. eyyy… I’m getting some professional training on sushi right now!! lol

    Anytime ur in town, consider urself invited for a late-night sushi [they have discounts on late-nights sushi, here!! hehe] ;)

  3. Anonymous

    Roba ,I miss ur Blank white posts,give us few please

  4. Dana

    I’ve been reading your blog and I find it very interesting. My friends and I crave and love sushi. We have a ritual for sushi when I am in Amman. Perhaps next time you could join?

  5. Rula

    your site too red (dark)
    you know to read i go right cleck
    select all and it become blue

  6. I’ll go if you guarantee that I won’t get food poisoning :)

  7. i looooove california rolls, the best. we got lots of great sushi places out here in LA roba, come out here and ill take you to all of them!

  8. She

    In my office, every second Thursday is what I refer to as “Sushi Thursday”. The company brings in platters of sushi for lunch, with everyone gearing up mentally starting at breakfast. I’ll usually have two plates while sitting there, then bring a few pieces back to my desk to snack on. If I could, I’d have sushi every day! Should you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv, I’m sure at least a few of us local bloggers will make sure that you won’t be hungry when you leave… :-)

  9. I would drive to Amman for decent sushi since i can’t seem to find any good sushi here in Beirut. You’d think one of the 10,000 local sushi places would get it right.

  10. LOL, so I’m not the only one suffering!!

    Thank you all for your offers.. very sweet :) Like I’ve said, the best part about blogging is all the social networking :P

    She, I doubt I’ll be in Tel-Aviv any time soon, but if I ever am to visit, I’ll drop you a line.

    Yazan, lol, tab cool cool :)

    Dana, drop me an email when you’re in Amman and I’ll give you my number.

    Ziad, khalas, deal!

    Linda, California Crispy rolls are my favorite kind of sushi :)

    Jamal, lol, tab khalas, if you’re ever in Amman, I’ll let you know where the good sushi places are :)

    Mommy, I’ll fix it soon I promise.

    Ibrahim, tsawar inno I’ve never had sushi in Riyadh!

  11. I found this good Japanese resturant at mekka mall, they serve good sushi, sashimi, and maki….

    it’s called “Oishi”, try it….
    and if you wanted company I wont mind joining you, but I’m more of a sashimi fan….

    p.s. why don’t you hold the next meeting at a japanese resturant, I will be more of glad to join you at the meeting and in the same time enjoy a sea food noodles with sahsimi mix………!!!

    hmmmmmmm… saashimiiiiiiiii, errrrrrrrrr(droll)

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