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10:22 PM +2 GMT


Ahh, white plastic chair! White plastic chair!


10:24 PM +2 GMT


  1. Hamdellah ala essalameh

  2. I did not get it!

  3. Ziad D.

    Natasha. Amman is 2 hours ahead of England. Roba, in her artsy way is announcing her triamphant return!! :) Welcome back Roba!

  4. LOL, Ziad! I absolutely lovee the way you analyzed it! Although you’re way off :P I’ve been back in Amman since the 12th :)

  5. Ziad D.

    LOL…I missed my mark as usual! :P
    So I am now in Natasha’s camp: I don’t get it either! :)

  6. Oooh, Oooh, OH! intersting..

  7. O.A.

    Roba has been watchin the trailer of The Da Vinci code and is trying to imitate the secretness….:p

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