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December meet-up: time and venue

We will hold December’s meet-up at Canvas in Jabal Il-Weibdeh, on Friday the 23rd, at 6:3o PM.

A high level of attendance is anticipated, so if you didn’t already, please let me know if you’re coming for reservation purposes.

Below is a map for Canvas (Tel: +962 (0)6 4632211), but if you’ve never been there or to the National Gallery, I urge you to call them and ask for directions because Weibdeh is a maze.

If anyone needs any staff contact information email me at


The best breakfast in town…


Ahh, white plastic chair! White plastic chair!


  1. Anonymous

    u can go n see there some creative adds !!

  2. Waaa3 … everytime there is a blogger meetup i feel blue ! … i wish i were in amman … Waaa3 !
    I hope you have a great time :)

  3. Well, Is it 6:30 PM sharp, or I have to be late 15 mins, so perhaps somebody would show up … just a question

  4. Hana, I know.. yalla next time inshalla :) Heard there might be surprises up your sleeve ;)

    Ala’a, hehe, good question! Well, everyone is always late, but I’m always 10 minutes early to make sure everything’s going smooth, so you will certainly find at least me :)

    Nader, see you there!

  5. I’d like to be there, but my parents are flying into town for a visit the same evening. As I said the last time, I’ll get to one of these meeting eventually.

  6. Oh, and Canvas is an excellent venue. Good choice.

  7. I guess i am in this time :)

  8. of course Ghalia!

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