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Ahh, white plastic chair! White plastic chair!

I have a very “photographic” memory, in the sense that an experience to me is remembered as a still snap shot rather than a living, moving memory- which is perhaps why I take pictures so much.

A constant component in my memory snapshots is the white plastic chair; it’s stacked in dozens somewhere in the snapshot of my grandfather’s funeral 15 years ago, it’s smelling of coconut oil and sunscreen in a pool memory, and it’s dirty and broken in some squash room party back in Riyadh. And these are only a few mentions…

All this said, as practical and efficient as the white plastic chair is, I absolutely abhor it. Aestetically speaking, it is hideous.

But it is also a global icon, whether it’s beautiful, or not… It’s just there, a part of the daily life of billions of people, whether they are aware of it, or not…

And here’s where good design comes in- giving the white plastic chair a modern, delicious and mouthwatering edge.

Front Design proposes a luxe version covered in leather.

Jerzy Seymour has redesigned one for Magis.

Studio Ball finds gold.

A grafitti version by Collect Guixe

Rebecca Halstedt invents a prosthetic to transform it into a rocking chair.

The chair as fossil as imagined by Robert Stadler, and 5.5 Designers version of a wounded plastic chair.

My favorite would probably be the pink one, it’s quite hot and beyond welcome in my home.



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  1. i liked the pink one as well…

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Luai

    I hate these plastic chairs…they are so uncomfortable!

  4. I love the fossilized version! That one I would keep :)

  5. Rula

    i can see fophtos now,love you

  6. The Rocking Chair reminds me of this one
    a wheelchair designed by a charity. They used a plastic chair to cut costs.

  7. If you hate them so much, you’d be proud of me, I’ve broken so many of them.

    I stumbled upon your blog, nice work, keep it up.

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