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Chocoholic Nightmare

I hate this season! It’s hot one day… it’s freezing the other… it’s sunny… it’s rainy… It’s the perfect excuse for colds and flus!

And colds and flus it is… I’m sick; my brothers’ are sick; my friends are sick; the whole world is sick!

Which is where my brother Omar, the ultimate chocoholic, comes in…

“Torture… psychological torture. I just finished a whole bag of Hershey’s and I didn’t taste one bit of the chocolatey flavour because of the damn cold! And even worse, every now and then I can taste this pinch of sweetness in my mouth which tastes somewhat like chocolate, making me want more… but I can’t have more!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m gonna explode!”

Poor guy.


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  1. salamtk!
    don’t worry few days and you will be able to taste everything you like inshalla!

    P.S. i heard there will be snow on tuesday :D
    try to get well soon ;)

  2. Salamat Roba to you all your family and friends who are sick. Get well soon, and wear warm clothes.

  3. Dar

    Say wallah there is snow !

  4. Fadi K.

    hope u get well, this is the case to everybody nowadays..thanks god anyway.

  5. O.A.

    when the forecast says that there will be snow, know that there is a heat wave comin… there never right

  6. yee poor Omar.. it reeeeeally sucks to eat chocolates without tasting a thing!! 7araaam!
    i hope you and your family get well soon.. :)

  7. it has nothing to do with having a cold. Hershey’s does not taste like chocolate to start with. not unless sweetened turd is considered chocolate nowadays.

  8. Omar

    Jameed this wasnt just any Hershey’s normal chocolate bar, it was there white chocolate with those tiny chocolate cookies “cookies ‘n’ creams”. You got to try it, it is the pure taste of chocolate

  9. Haddy a3sabek mesh mestahleh..

    bas y a jama3a the rain is a bless from GOD.. you don’t know what will happen if it does not rain… el 7amdolelah 3ala hal ne3meh..

  10. I hate this weather too!!

    Hershey’s cookies and cream… ah!:)
    Hmm.. the chocolate losing its taste? I never thought of it that way, but lately (since this crazy weather’s mood swings begun) I’ve been suffering from this “can’t have enough” cravings- you just *always* want more!! It’s so frustrating and never reaches a point of satisfaction!

  11. Hatshou:p me 6oo. I hate the feeling of soare throat and this tickly feeling where you need to cough all the time!


  12. Thank you guys! Thankfully, boys and I are feeling better now..
    Raindrop, LOL, doubt will be snow any time soon! The weather is nice once more.

    Iyas, come on man! Hershey’s is awesome…

    Wael, lol, intal hadi a3sabak, that was supposed to be a chocohilc comical post, meen 2al eshi 3an il sheta? i love rain!

  13. Don’t argue with me! Hershey’s is recycled crap.

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