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Announcing the December Jordanian Blogger Meet-up

Ok, so the Decemeber Jordanian blogger meet-up will be held on Friday the 23rd of December at 6:30 PM.

We have three four(yes, I can’t count, I can’t count- do you have to rub it in?) special guests showing up: Madas, Ziad, Rami, Laith Majali, and Abu Sinno.

Place of meet-up is still undecided, because someone is threatning to shoot me if we have it at Wild Jordan one more time. Suggestions have included a terrace, Canvas, and Amigos.

From my side, it’s a big no-no to Amigos and terraces, but I think Canvas sounds appealing(but please suggest). Quite honestly, I still think Wild Jordan is the perfect place to have it, but I’ve been in a cocoonish mood, so you vote!

Add a note, comment, email, etc, if you’re coming so that I can reserve. You can also email me at with your email/phone number and I will email you/SMS you once we have a set place to go.


The fine print: all Jordanian bloggers and none-Jordanian bloggers currently in/visiting Jordan are invited.

NOTE: If you are a Jordanian blogger not residing in Jordan or a blogger interested in meeting Jordanian bloggers and you happen to have a trip to Jordan scheduled any time within the next several months, email me and I will arrange a meet-up.


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  1. Jad

    count me in

  2. GREAT!

    I’m definately in!

  3. and if you are a resident of the US, please check the forum section of jordan planet for an important announcement.

  4. Isn’t that four special guests ?

    I know you’re right brained and all, but come on. :)

    The Ass.

  5. I don’t see why we shouldn’t make Wild Jordan a fixed venue ;) it has become part of the Jordan Planet family, and it serves the purpose perfectly well! I’m a person who loves change and loves discovering new places, but I feel there is a sentimental relationship between Wild Jordan and the meet-ups, and why take that away from the special guests who haven’t experienced it before?

    Ok ok so I’m rambling and making this more of an issue than I should!

    If people don’t want Wild Jordan, then I strongly suggest Jabri :) or El Sahl El Akhdar that’s right next to the Roman Amphitheatre… if we can solve the parking issue! Suggestions anyone?

  6. Apparently Ameen learned something in school…Roba on the other hand didn’t.

  7. I admit that I’m a bad blogger :(
    But I am a great reader to Jordanian Blogs :)
    I’ll do my best to come!
    Wild Jordan is Good! isn’t it?

  8. Please pass our warmest greetings to everyone :)

  9. I’ll be glad to come, hope that’s alright with you… :p
    I’ll set my schedule to be free at 23 Dec.

  10. Canvas or Wild Jordan,
    im in …. for my 1st JP meeting … Finally a friday ;)

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