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And further away…

I guess it’s a family thing.


Phalsapheh: fal·sa·feh (noun): the character of being a smart ass


Announcing the December Jordanian Blogger Meet-up


  1. Fadi K

    Hi .. an plans for a family re-union ? lol

  2. Gus

    Thanks roba for putting this :)

  3. Fadi K.

    Hello .. is it your brother?

  4. Rula

    Roba I cant see any thing
    the background is too dark
    I didnt like its bothring me
    plz fix it

  5. bas ma iykoon imfalsaf il tany! :)

  6. LOL, yeah, it’s my brother :) Sabri, we’ll see :P

  7. Mohammed

    do you posses a blood line called “bloging” … it`s hard to keep up with u & now ur brother…

  8. another brother

    reading blogs might be OK and maybe having one to write things that pop in your mind every now and then is OK but as a daily bases… get real its a waste of time

  9. hmmm I’m trying to guess if that’s Omar or Hisham!

    Omar? :) well, for someone like your sister with incredibly abnormal sleeping habits then it is not a waste of time at all, it’s an investment of time :)

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