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I’m sitting in a conference room of around 60 bloggers in Reuters, London, listening to a fascinating global conversation about blogging, the influence of blogging, and mainstream media.
I’m sure you’ve seen pictures on Haitham’s blog, who is sitting a meter away along with Eman AquaCool and MMM SubzeroBlue.


La cultura del caffe


The hugsie-oosie part of blog culture


  1. Do you agree with the idea that blogging is the new global-conversation?

  2. wish you luck over there… enjoy London :)

  3. So that’s what you’re doing “out of town” eh? Mystery solved!

    The best of luck Roba,have fun and make your voice heard :)

  4. Dar

    Enjoy London !

  5. super devoika

    roba… are you in london… well girl… u should head up to the north… am waiting for u hone…
    enjoy it dear… i hope it isn’t cold in london as in here!

  6. joe

    have a nice time roba ,… joe

  7. Yaaay for Roobs in London.. YOU GO GIRL! Make us proud.. (and don’t forget to bust out the pics)

    Go ROOBS GO!

  8. enjoy yourself & I’m sure u have a great time at the conference

  9. have a great time! ;)

  10. kinzi

    Roba,well, hey! So much for those friends who called blogging ‘geeky’. Bet they never got a trip to London for just looking good at the mall.

    Have a blast! Greet Haithim and Eman for me. And have scones and clotted cream for tea for me once, will you?

  11. Good luck Roba! We’re all with you, I have no doubt that you will REPRESENT, sistah!
    Have fun

  12. Have a great time Roba, erfa3i raasna alla yerda 3aleiki :)

  13. Thanks guys!

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