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The Ruby Slippers

(The below post is not a diary-like entry, it’s just an experimental format for creative purposes)
(All images grow when clicked (whoptee doo))

Amazing how a day can seem so bleh while you’re living it and then when you look at pictures of your day later on you realize that it actually wasn’t too bad… it’s just that you “can’t stand your shadow”.

11:00 – 12: 30 AM. The most boring class with the most boring educator I have ever come across in my life. The class would have actually been quite interesting if it was taught in a different way… Bleh… I hate out-of-department classes. They just suck all inspiration out of you. You can’t even doodle zay-il-3alam-wil-nas in them.

bay 10446

bay 10432 bay 10440

bay 10445 bay 10447
The awesome life of a student, eh?

12:30 – 1:00 PM. The post office, amazing how snail mail can asbolutely make your day. Especially when it is something made by a very talented artist, Scott Rench, who’s work I stumbled upon and fell in love with around a year ago. He actually has a quite fascinating exhbition now with the tag line “DO NOT JUDGE ME UNTIL YOU’VE WALKED IN MY SHOES”. Thanks Scott!

bay 10450 bay 10451

1:00 – 2:30 PM. Art Criticism class, this week’s “tatbeeq 3amali” of the faculties art exhibition down stairs.

bay 10462 bay 10464

3:00 – 6:00 PM. Ultra chic; our design studio. But alas… we don’t take the 3-hour-class amidst this inspiration, but rather, among the drabness in the “Mokhtabarat il Rozam il Mar2eeya” in the physics department.

bay 10426

bay 965

bay 966

5:30 – 6: 00 PM. Life is scary on the big, dark, empty and extremely cold campus of Jordan University. Especially with all the trees…

bay 977bay 10472

Long days. Too long a days.


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  1. Dar

    :) , intresting ! i like the idea keep up the good work .

  2. AAH ! I would do anything just to get make to those days … Ya Salam … Those were the days …
    “Big Sigh”

  3. Ziad D.

    There is something unique about walking in someone else’s shoes that fascinates me. This entry in which you have walked us/me briefly through your day has, for a lack of a better decription, virtually transported me to Amman. I, for a fraction of a second, felt I that I was there with you, on campus, breathing crisp Jordanian air.
    That was also the case when Lina ( decribed her day with the pigeons. Simply outstanding!!! Please keep it up! You do me (and others I am sure) a great service. I am your fan!!!

  4. This is a cool idea Roba. Now I’m going to copy it and do my own day-in-the-life-of (of course I will credit it to you, I’m not an ungrateful bastard)! I’ll have to wait till next semester though, coz life is not normal during the end of term crunch.

    That “One Thousand PC Project” sounds pretty funny and awesome!

  5. Wonderful pics Roba ;) I especially love the last one! Personally I really enjoy the UJ campus in the evening, I like walking in the chilly air with my friends when it’s empty and we start acting crazy :) you should see the engineering faculty in the dark, a great place to play ghosts or hide and seek (although no one went along with me on that yet ;p )

    Ziad :) thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed the pigeon pics!

  6. Interesting idea, keep it up!

    The pic with all the “kartoun” and all the paper cuts reminds me of my room after my design submission:p

  7. that was a pretty novel entry. liked the way you chronicled it.

  8. Dar, lol, thanks :)

    Hana, although as you know I enjoy JU, but lol, do you seriously miss the drabness?! :)

    Ziad, ooh thanks :) I didn’t think that posts have such a power! Bas tha’ts absolutely awesome that they do isn’t it? :)

    Arafat, ooh feel free to do whatever you want! It would be wonderful to be walked through your day.

    Lina, thanks :) Bas brrr it’s too cold! And too empty! Did you guys take the dinasaur picture you were talking about ealier? ;)

    Promises, lol, yeah! That’s our design studio at university :) my room is not much better… ha ha

    niwhsa, thanks a lot! glad you enjoted it :)

  9. May I ask a question about a previous post?

    I saw your post on the University Students’ Protest. But it didn’t say what the protest was about? I can guess vaguely, but did it have a particular theme or focus?

  10. brilliant post, I seriously enjoyed reading it… although my dial-up [witch I still can’t forget the FACT that u think isn’t so bad] wasn’t really helpful with the pix…

    on another note, I love the shoes in that pic, and I HATE the mobile… I hate Nokia, and I especially hate this one!

  11. Fadi K.

    Fast learner :)

  12. Fadi k.

    Hello again ..

    When I’ve been to the exhibition i just stared at that figure in the photo above and just couldn’t get what it was all about!! so let me show my Genuine Art Criticism talent and say: the figure doesn’t show an added value!! the hole in the middle doesn’t go in harmony with the figure as a whole and should’ve used a bit weaker kind of strokes in the top right part of it! Another thing , the corners in the hole so unclear!!!!

  13. Isn’t that professor Asfour, the one who speaks Italian, Roba?

    Excellent post. You reminded me of the fact that in less than two months’ time my school days will be over, that makes me sad.

  14. Jeff, they were protesting the Amman bombings that took place around a month ago.

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