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Fact #8

There is actually no khayal to teeg(or un-teeg) when it’s dark.


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  1. fadi k.

    teeg? what is that?

  2. But if you’re surrounded by enough light all around, then there also would be no khayal to teeg (or un-teeg).

  3. Fedo, interesting conception.
    *Nod in agreement*
    So it’s like.. when someone mish tayeg khayalo they either sick in darkness where il khayal matters no more or go to someone who has enough light(cheesy kheir allah eh?) to khali il khyal to disappear as well… interesting…

    Fadi, aware of the saying “Ana mish tayga khayali?”

  4. Nas

    you can always close your eyes but sometimes that only helps a person avoid what is necessarily there.

    do you know plato’s theory about shadows and the real world?

  5. haha, have you ever tried translating that statement to english. “I can’t stand my shadow”. I love FOBs

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