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The Christmas Cat

bay 10383

Compare to this.


The amusements of the desert-bred


Fact #8


  1. Dar

    so cute , look at her eyes bejaneno ! :)

  2. shoo 2oset hal shoes? did you get a new cam, the pix are really great

  3. Dar, Khalidah, thanks!

    Sabri, aren’t they pretty? And no, I unfortunately didn’t get a new camera, I’m just equipping myself with photoshop :)

  4. Cute!cute pinky shoes kaman:p

  5. great job on the pic. the cats awesome…

  6. i didn’t think you were still taking ballet lessons

  7. Yaiii , mitjanen bistek :)
    She is one of the nicest cats i’ve seen …

  8. M

    roba been a big fan of your blog and i especially liked the way you toured the coffee shops in amman way back…i was wondering if you can do something on the same level since i have been away for roughly 5 years i heard there are so many new places in the 1st circle area, a starbcuks and i heard soomething about a new place called salad bar or something..
    i would really appreciate it and it would be a great into to the things i missed i bet there are many like me out there in the world looking for a taste of the new amman which we have missed
    thank you alot

  9. Nas

    cool angle

    but Im curious: what did “Israeli Holocaust survivor” say?

  10. oooo :) what a pretty kitty!


  11. yeeey! whitey sho kabraneh! :D she’s getting even cuter! o her eyes!! yaay! 3njad nice picture! :)

  12. Promises, Niwhsa,Hana,Hama,Betqa, Abeer, thanks :)

    M, I will try to do that soon :)

    Jameed, bleh bleh bleh.

  13. I love the Whitey and the shoes Roba, simply smashing! Go girl friend!

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