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The amusements of the desert-bred

bay 10369

As Lina said, we have been enjoying a week of purrr-fect Autumnish weather in Amman, so perfect I even went for a walk(I’m usually more into metals and plastics than leaves and flowers).

Although this is my third autumn in Amman, I’m still in a minor state of shock at the fact that there really are four seasons in this world, and it’s not just Holywood’s way of making life look pretty(or scary, depending on their marketing purposes).

It’s pretty amusing walking on the beautiful asphalt and hearing the crunching of leaves beneath your shoes. I, being the impulsive picture taker(and freak as several people on the street made clear with their staring problems), will share my solo afternoon walk with the internet.

bay 10398

bay 9861

bay 10408

bay 10335

bay 10351


My friends . . . .


The Christmas Cat


  1. nice pics, nothing beats the weather in that part of the world

  2. Nice Pictures … I almost enjoyed your walk as you did :)

  3. Great Pictures … i guess fall in Amman is the best fall in the world … waaaa3 waaaa3 … thanx for reminding me ;)-

  4. The pictures are so beautiful Roba ;) yeah this week has been amazing!

    don’t you feel like going out for walks more often? ;p

  5. SC

    thanks a lot to UAE and its telecom company, not only i don’t get to enjoy the 4 seasons but i also don’t get to see them in pictures.

  6. Dar

    OMG , Do We know each others Roba , since i had the same post …… same thoughts , same feelings , almost same shots ……. have a look :)

  7. Dar

    btw i love el picture 2abel el 2a5eereh
    i was looking for a view like this , but i didnt find :P

    Cheerz !

  8. abdelstar alslimat

    Roba you are my hero

  9. Oh how beautiful!
    I have never seen (atleast I don’t remember) Autumns in Jordan.
    Thanks for taking pics. even if some people looked at you wierd :)

  10. Anonymous

    nice pictures :)
    hard to believe it’s been 3 years..

  11. Anonymous

    Love the pics. And shoes? Very cute! :)

  12. man jordan has some really awesome photographers! Roba, very professional pictures. beautiful!

    love the shoes by the way!

  13. Lovely pics:)

  14. Thank you guys!!

  15. Great pictures Roba, I really enjoyed them! And nice shoes:)
    But I do miss the normal season distribution! I want rain, I want snow, I want chestnuts and heavy coats!

  16. At this time of the year we get a couple of days to experience a different taste of nature.

    To feel music floating in you and around, freely drifted ……

    to read more about what i wrote check it on my blog go to Oct. n see the pic a took for amman amazing sky u will diffenetly like it….Find yr Sky :)

  17. ps: nice pics liked the third one alot it has a very deep vanishing point and a very wide space of sky,its dark and bright at the same time and its so quite
    its inspiring

  18. Nas

    sigh, that was us over a month ago

  19. Seasons? You call this Autumn? Try living in Virginia for a while.

  20. Your pictures are always so great. Thanks.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Heya, Count 1,2.. 3rd picture from below. Where is that? I salute you. :)

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