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Yeah, well, what’s life without a few dragons?

Yeah, and again, I’m not in a very literal mood. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was good though, very enjoyable, especially with the hotties(is Viktor Krum really hot or what?). Recommended.

It was my second movie of the year- my first being Lord of the War or War of the Lords or whatever that “Run, hide, run, hide” movie was called. There are plans to watch King Kong tomorrow which will mean that I watched more movies in the past 2 days than I did in the past 2 years. Hmm, is that good or bad?

I just had a plate-ful of mansaf so I’m rather um.. mantipsy (hi Hareega, I’ve heard you’re always taking people out for mansaf, any truth in that?)

Leaving you with a picture off of Nada’s photoalbum that I found quite amusing(and probably anyone who’s been to JU should feel amused as well).

Smoking is gonna kill you all smokers. Or just turn you splotchy green.

Stuff I’ve been told this week

“You look like a Saudi geek.”

“Wow, you actually sound Jordanian!”

“You look like you’re from Nables.”


I love cheesecake.

Upon layers and layers of color

Art 101- chalk talk 1


  • fancy shmancy definition: a German term that has been used to categorize art that is considered an inferior copy of an existing style. The term is also used more loosely in referring to any art that is pretentious or in bad taste, and also commercially produced items that are considered trite or crass.
  • robawy definition: (syn) heshek beshek, nawari, 7afartali, fala7la7, vulgar, tasteless. It is is the absolute denial of shit- I mean, when something is ugly, it is ugly, and people who are unaware of the existence of kitschiness are unable to deny that this or that is aesthetically shitty.

Visual examples from our much beloved Jordan(via Zeid Qadousi’s blog):

Holiday Season

Although I don’t usually do holiday greetings regardless of what the holiday is, I will do it this time because this month is Christmas, Eid, Chanukah, and New Years. So yeah, happy holiday season.

Or perhaps I just want an excuse to post this picture.

Still craving sushi

Fuddruckers makes the best goddamn onion rings.

No, seriously! When we were living in Riyadh, a part of our weekly family routine was having lunch at Fuddruckers on Fridays. They were so good that I would spend the entire week waiting for Friday to come so that I can have Fuddrucker’s onion rings. I would dream of their crunchiness; I would not shut up about my cravings to my friends; I would smell their yummy smell in everything I ate.

It was an obsession.

So one Friday, in an attempt to satisfy my cravings(what my darling mother refers to as “Afkar Roba il Nayera”), I decided that instead of ordering a regular sandwich for lunch, I would only order a huge serving of family-sized platter of onion rings.

And so I did.

That day, perhaps 5 or so years ago, I discovered that it is literally impossible to only eat a platter of onion rings for lunch.

I still do not crave onion rings.

Anyhow, I’ve been dying for sushi for ages! All my attempts to get any of my friends to go have sushi with me proved completely futile, until last night, when I finally managed to go have some sushi with a group of friends.

Alas though, they are cheap with sushi! Or I am cheap with sushi. I don’t know! What I do know though is that I WANT MORE SUSHI!!! Perhaps I should exchange my friends temporarily with friends who like sushi- any candidates out there?

Me wants sushi…

Canvassing around the Planet

Lost count of the meet-ups like I said earlier… in too much of a good mood to write anything intelligable(is that word?)
People there:

Ahmad Humeid
Laith Zreigat
Laith Majali
Joe Kalis
Ziad Kawar
Mariam Adas
Ammar Ibrahim
Alaa Ibrahim
Isam Bayazidi
Abeer Bayazidi
Jad Madi
Rami Abdel-Rahman
Mohammad Arrabi
Nader Shnoudi
Mira Shnoudi
Lina Ejeilat
Tamer Al Nasser
Naseem Tamimi

Bas? Felt like much more… let me know if I forgot someone…

My favorite part? We had Al-Bawaba, Jeeran, and Maktoob on the same table. Awesome. We also had toot :)

bay 10683 bay 10684

bay 10685 bay 10688

bay 10679 bay 10678

bay 10677 bay 10676

You can find more pictures in the Jordan Meetup pool I created on Flickr, and please add any pictures you might have.

Dressing up those streetlights

I really like the idea of this, it’s very simple yet very creative. Stencils were used to cover street lights, thus creating instant digital images. I like, I like a lot!

+ Advertising/ Design Goodness

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