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… a moment before they told me that they will literally divorce me if I say one more geeky thing.

So voice your opinion, do you think that

Is blogging geeky?
For the most part


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  1. that’s like saying ‘self expression’ is geeky! It doesn’t make sense to me.

    As for the technical part of blogging, my position is the following: we are living in an increasingly digitally mediated world. Just ‘using’ the web is a passive consumption. Contributing and knowing how to build the web is active participation.

    Any person who finds blogging and the underlying technology ‘geeky’ (meaning: ‘nerdy’) is like somone who believes that knowing how to change the tire of one’s car is ‘mechanicy’!

    A Geek, in this sense, is somone who is more in control of his/her world. In my dictionary that’s a compliment.

  2. Hi Roba: You are doing something that you enjoy. Being special requires you to sometimes ignore what people think, and do what you think is right.

    Geek is a term given by jealous underachievers to their more sophisticated peers.

  3. Anonymous

    kinzi said…

    Roba, you are influencing others through blogging at a young age and learning (even by making mistakes) important things.

    I’d ask your friends what THEY are doing on the same scale?

  4. Hi Roba

    If all the great people stopped doing their thing because it was different or “geeky” to others; where do you think we will be now?

    In my opinion; we are still far behind and we need to work harder to get acquainted with modern technology; as it is a vital part of our lives.

    I agree with Ahmad totally; we happen to express ourselves in a “geeky” way that “ordinary” people do not get, and isn’t that the whole point? to communicate with peers to maximize the benefit?

    I think you have the skill, talent and power to lure your friends into our “geeky” world. Once they try it; they will get the feel for real, so just lead them by example.

    Nice blog habibty


  5. Of course it’s geeky, in a sometimes cool way. Not all bloggers are geeky; neither are they all cool. It takes a certain amount of joie de vivre in order to pull both off.

  6. Nas

    We are revolutionaries!

    Revolutionary geeks

  7. Ziad D.

    Geek is the new Black… Geek your heart out I say… :) cute friends!!

  8. A saying in Arabic roughly goes like “meen bish-hadilha, ‘3eir ummha w bint 3ammit-ha” [or bint ‘7alit-ha” which means “who is going to back her up except her mother and her cousin?”

    This goes out for the comments you received so far Roba.

  9. abdelstar alslimat

    Tell your friends [as often as possible skip rather than walk]

  10. Fadi K.

    i dunno what exactly a geek is but people are getting used to write more often than before.those who don’t write look from another perspective at those who speak out there minds.

  11. I think it has to do with the content of the blog!
    Should not we define the word “Geek” first?

    Geek, is someone who does something that is found bizzare by mainstream society.It could be smart or stupid thing!
    U should be proud!That you are able to reach large audience, and ur smart enough to manage a blog with all the html and CSS stuff! That’s pretty much cool!So a blogger is not a geek,but a Nerd by defenetion :D

    Yeah,Nice colors u got…I like the new theme….geeky and artsy

  12. It looks like you are plagued with comment spam already.

  13. Anonymous


  14. super devoika

    Ah roba…
    i really miss those girls… extend my salamz to them…
    blogging? geek? ummmm….

  15. definitley geeky…! ;)

    btw, what r ya reading there?! [i’m very much influencd by Amelie Poulin ;)]

  16. m eye y

    ok u all geeks (sense u like to be called that way) :) roba just blogged a small nice thing (that obviously put a smile on her face)which happened with her friends that day that made her want to share it with u guys…dont sound like geeks,simplify things dont complicate them, thats what blogging is about a simple way to share thoughts n informations in seconds.. with everybody and anybody..enjoy it……. :)

  17. Very interesting blog!
    Hello from Milan, Italy!

  18. it is definately geeky… i used to do it though, and planning my come back.. i like your blog it’s entertaining..

  19. Dana:

    Dear Roba,

    I have been totally opposed to blogging as entirely self-involved and too self-congratulatory. This is no compliment: I have come to love your blogs. I am away from Amman and most of my friends and my family, and reading your blogs brings much needed joy into my life. For me, if blogging can escape the limitations of its own genre (i.e. if it can involve others, and speak to the interests/joys/pains of the world) — as yours so clearly do — then their writer must be doing something ungeeky and quite extraordinary.

  20. I think that blogging is fore the most part geeky. Otherwise this question wouldn’t be raised! Anyway everything depends on the person – if blogging is just a way to communicate with people, it’s ok. But if it’s becoming an obsession and a man cannot be turned off the monitor – it’s terrible!

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