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Plastic Bag

I’m totally supposed to be in a bad mood at the moment because although it’s Thursday(Jordan’s equivalent of Westerncentric Friday), although I haven’t slept at all this month and although this is the first weekend that provided a good dozing oppurtunity- I’m ALREADY UP.

And it’s 2:11 AM.

I mean, bleh. Bleh. Bleh!

Naturally though, as I spent my Thursday night dozing and woke up too late to do anything decent in sleepy, sleepy Amman, the Internet comes to the rescue. Ah, Internet! How can anyone not love the internet?

My serving of fresh content for this sleepless weekend is by, apparently(or not so apparently, as in, clearly, thanks to the power of self-publishing), a man dubbed as Tom Coates who does something at Yahoo!(or something) and who has a blog called Plastic Bag.

What’s making me blog about his blog is this post which totally speaks to the LOTR freak in me on a theory I’ve been classifying people with for a very long time- the Ninja/Elve/Dwarve/Pirate classification system. ARR! (And while we’re on elve rather than elf and dwarve rather than dwarf, spelling is important! MY NAME IS SPELLED WITH A FRICKING “O”! Every single post on this blog ends with a “Posted by Roba”, and it’s my name for God’s sake, so spell it like I want it to be spelled!)

Another posts that I will link to are “Discussion and Citation in the Blogosphere“, which has a pretty interesting analysis on the difference between forums and blogs and “Trackback is Dead“.


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  1. Ziad D

    Ruba, Rubha, or Roba, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!! :)

  2. Fadi k

    i’ve alway thought your name is spelled:”Ruba” like we say say it in arabic but thought that you’re used to write it with an “O” rather than a “U”. sounds silly , i know , but this is the case when it comes to my name , is it with a “y” or an “I”! but it doesn’t really matter, don’t you think ?

  3. Roba

    Ziad D, lol, teslam, bas lol, Ruba and Rubha and I stop being myself! :P

    Fadi, actually, quite the contrary. Use a pronounciation guide(or try start-> control panel-> speech and try out the difference. Anyway, I’m really, really picky about how my name is pronounced as well. It’s neither Roba nor Ruba.. bas lol, I don’t want to get into that..

  4. Farooha

    I like the fact that your name is spelled with a big round O, I have enough Rubas who spell it with a U here in Saudi…yeeeh! So you get props for being unique. Mwaaah.

    Roba, may I recommend, fee 7alat al 6afash al qaher, blogs that do nothing but bitch-slap celebs. ALLAH… it’s like US weekly for the less fortunate.
    here are some I love:


  5. Yazan

    okay, rOba it is then!

  6. Amer

    Are you sure that it is with “O”, I thought that it is with “U”, anyway good luck with your name.

  7. fadi K.

    Hi , , I dared to touch the clay chairs in the famous Serigraph cafe this afternoon but nothing Marilynic was served there!! But seems someone took the blue chair off and put it inside the bathroom in the sketch model! So sad!

    Positives: very nice exhibition and a lot of good works. Negatives: should have somebody to talk about the works in there.. i had many questions about the paintings , the etching techniques and which school of art do the paintings belong to. The exhibition is aimed at helping others learn about arts but nothing was mentioned about each piece of work. I tried to get help from the students there but it turned that few were involved with the works themselves.

    But al in all is so nice , keep up the good work

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