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November Jordanian Bloggers Meet-up

My dearest Jordanian bloggers, Jordan Planet compatriots, and expat bloggers currently in Jordan,

While we’re discussing stuff to do in the final 10 days of November, 2005, here’s something that is absolutely and fantastically amusing to attend(especially when talking about Skype, Alexa, and dedicated servers):

The November Jordanian blogger meet-up will be held on Sunday the 27th of November, 2005 in Wild Jordan(who should be giving us free tables by now) at 6:30.

All Jordanian bloggers and expats are invited, but for reservation purposes, please do let us know that you’re coming by either adding a comment on this post, on the official Jordan Planet post, or by dropping me an email at roba(at) (multi-option ya 3ami).

As for the readers and bloggers unable to attend, please do feel free to suggest Jordan Planet related points of discussion to add to our agenda.

For Jordan Planet’s official post on the meet-up, let me redirect you to Isam’s stroke of creativity.


Artamman November


Plastic Bag


  1. Ziad D.

    If I return in June 06 to Amman (depending on whether my beloved firm thinks they can loosen my colar for 2 weeks or not) I hope I can make it to a bloggers meeting. Should be great to finally meet the faces behind these blogs… Maybe I’ll get a ticket now and fly there tonite! ;) argh!!! I wish Star Trek teleportation devices were invented already! Dang it, I am home sick!

  2. Abeer

    Gravatar count me in :)

  3. Ziad

    I like the signature :)

    Your “handwriting” is almost as bad as mine :p

  4. nasimjo

    Gravatar still waiting for a “Friday based” email!!

  5. mira

    Gravatar So far I can’t make it :( i will email if things changed. I am sorry i cant be there . Tc

  6. hana

    Gravatar Waaa3 ! I wish i could be there ! :(

  7. dave

    Gravatar I’ll join you one of these days, I think.

  8. Odai Nemri

    I’m a new blogger, and I don’t know anyone from your group, is it [OK] if I come Ruba?

  9. Roba

    Ziad D, sounds great! :)

    Abeer and Tololy, absolutely wonderful.

    Hana, tell me about it :( I really wish you and Ziad can make it!

    Dave and Odai, you’re more than welcome!

  10. Roba

    Ziad, my handwriting is awesome! :P

  11. Nader


    btw Allah y7ayee el-sadeg :@

  12. Nader

    isn’t it dangerous to have the meeting time online :D

  13. Issam

    I wish I could make Roba, by I can not. However thank you for initiative and bringing us togehter and your color selction for the Planet. You are in the right place.

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