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Artamman November

I get pretty pissed off when people complain about lack of stuff to do in Amman;
“Oh, Amman is so boring”
“There’s nothing to do in this city!”
“You can’t have fun unless you spend money or stuff your face!”

Bleh. Enough. Seriously.

Anyhow, here are two local events that I’ve been looking forward to:
(click on images to look at bigger poster so as to read, if you’re as blind as I am deaf, drop a comment)

Jordan University’s Annual Fine Arts and Design Student Exhbition, till December 8th, at the Amadeh.

Till the 30th of November at the gorgeous National Gallery.


“Don’t wait for the love of your life. Find him on …”


November Jordanian Bloggers Meet-up


  1. Roba

    If only I was in Jordan now, I would have done more things than I could/would have done here.
    Alia Shishani | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 7:27 pm | #

    Gravatar If amman is boring go to madaba
    abdelstar alslimat | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 8:22 pm | #

    Hey there Roba! Just wanted to say, even though I’m not in Amman now, keep these event notifications coming! One day when I’m visiting I’ll need to find something to do and you’re the perfect source of info. :)
    Lulu | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 9:43 pm | #

    Gravatar Salam Roba,
    Unfortunately I can’t attend, but, I’m interested in knowing who is the artist behind the Bull’s drawing on the Poster? (for JU’s annual fine arts & design exhibition)

    The drawing on the bottom right corner also looks very interesting.

    Are you participating in these two shows?
    Muhammad Arrabi | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 10:43 pm | #

    I’m there.
    Tololy | Homepage | 11.24.05 – 11:57 am | #

    Gravatar Not really impressed with the creativity of the two poster. They both look like they were created by amatures.
    Dave | 11.24.05 – 12:40 pm | #

    who did the first poster design? seriously… it is so not well done!!!!
    Anonymous | 11.24.05 – 5:11 pm | #

    thank you , an opportunity to get to know what Roba-like people can do :)
    fadi k. | 11.24.05 – 9:09 pm | #

    Gravatar LOL, I will keep you guys updated about art exhbitions then.

    Dave and Anonymous, I agree that the first poster is bad, especially for a design school. I have no idea who designed it by I do wish they’d let the students design such stuff. As for the National Gallery poster, I really like it.
    Roba | Homepage | 11.25.05 – 4:07 am | #

    roba… right.. the other poster somehow has something… though ‘according to my personal view’ i mite’ve done some things different… but all in all it is a good design…
    as for the first one… it sucks… i hate to say it… but it does… not creative at all… and the colors are primitvely used… and the black background is totally abused… anyways… am sure if they gave the students a chance they would’ve done it better… but… they never do!!!
    super devoika | 11.25.05 – 5:13 pm | #

    forgot to say… when the exhibition starts dont forget to send us some photos of it…
    and do u have anything of urs displayed there?
    super devoika | 11.25.05 – 5:14 pm | #

    Gravatar Super Devoika, I believe it was designed by the new teacher assistant. 7aram sh’es goiing crazy about the exhbition, no ones helping her! You know the koleyehs stand on design being the last imp thing in the world..

    Bas yeah.. well said.. very primitive use of colors! Ma3 eno it would have been nice because I really like the grid based design..

    And oh, yeah, I’ll surely blog with pictures about the exhbition :) they’re using my andy warhol model, 7alas restaurant, and noors restaurant. they’re also using 7alas milk bottle(baladna), sultan’s lipton thingy, and a few things by odai and sultan done this semester. oftt this semester is soooo boring!!! even worse than majdi… you’re not missing anything at all.
    Roba | Homepage | 11.25.05 – 5:24 pm | #

    Gravatar Amman can host a vividly colored gay parade for all that I care (will I’d be sickeningly concerned, but for the sake of the argument)… the fact of the matter is people do not enjoy their time because they have oriented themselves to desist the place they feel “unwillingly” bound to be in!!!

    You can be living in an exclusive area, driving top wheels and consuming premium US made imported products (that replicates the good old days back in the states), and still feel unease and chained with boredom, yet nothing would equate to a simplistic and crude passion to the place one lives in, even if it was as dull and culturally “drained” as Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, for people with sincere passion will find away to enjoy themselves even in the midst of the desert (going to shopping mall doesn’t count by the way)!

    I must admit however, that while I do not entertain any of the events referred to by Roba, and most of the niche Amman-centric event and activities taking place, yet I am fond with the attitude Roba exhibits throughout its entries that reflects a comforting prospective of our beloved city -and country in general- that makes it all but delightfully interesting, despite the grim and dark reality many of our people live in back home.
    Basem | Homepage | 11.25.05 – 7:05 pm | #

    Hi, really Amman is a very nice place to be, but sometimes you really get bored of it, I studied here at University of Jordan. But still most of the places in Amman are the same with different names. The posters are really nice, but the first one needs a little bit more fine work.
    Amer | 11.27.05 – 1:20 am |

  2. Sarfaraz Jamal


    SomEONE please help me out – I AM BORED out of my mind in Jordan
    I found this link while googling, “bored in amman”

    There has to be something super cool to do here? or super cool places to hang out?


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