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“Don’t wait for the love of your life. Find him on …”

A great outdoor guerrilla campaign by, displayed in Barcelona.
[Via Advertising/Design Goodness]

Not that I endorse digital dating(dude, analogue is the way to go), but I’m so in love with this advertisement that I could cry.

The idea is absolutely mindblowing to the fantasy enthusiast in me- “Once upon a time, in a land beautiful and far away…”

Although they could have done a much better job with making the princess look more princessy and fairy-tale-ish, and perhaps make the bed look much better by taking an interior design course or two, it’s still a mindblowing concept.

Ahhhh! Absolutely beautiful.


No, like, seriously


Artamman November

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  1. Roba

    A little morbid, don’t you think? My friend subscribed to a while back: $250, 2 years, and three breakups later, he is still where he is, with less hair, and a thinner walet. Yes analog is the way to go. :)
    Ziad D. | 11.22.05 – 9:22 pm | # My friend found her husband through… Yeah it works!!
    natasha | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 9:28 pm | # Different strokes for different folks. :)
    Ziad D. | 11.22.05 – 9:50 pm | # To found some one through match you got to be desperate.
    abdelstar alslimat | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 9:56 pm | # Ziad D, lol, funny! I don’t think I know anyone who ever tried or any matchmaking service, but I’d imagine that the cases would be similar to that of your friend. Tell him to start going out more :P

    Nat, really! That’s cool! I had no idea it actually worked.

    Abdelstar, I don’t think it has to do with desprateness; people are different, with different means of communication, and different means of attraction.
    Roba | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 11:22 pm | # hello , bear up wth me for this , but stuff like that are basicly “imported designs” and they don’t fit well in our culture all the time. better be cautious.
    fadi k. | 11.22.05 – 11:37 pm | # forgot to say this: the ad thing is brilliant.. always get out from the box when you brain storm anything , thats right ..
    fadi k. | 11.22.05 – 11:42 pm | # It is a form of business like any other business, who would have thought few years ago that hair removing business would become a thriving business in Jordan! It is all about supply and demand.
    Back way when, During my youthful and indiscretionary days, I did try this blind dating game, it didn’t work for me but I’m sure that some people were pleased with the service.
    Hatem Abunimeh | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 11:42 pm | # lool @ “dude, analogue is the way to go”
    Nas | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 9:20 am | # Wow! Amazing.
    Samer | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 12:22 pm | # Very interesting advertisment, I agree!
    But I stil would’nt care much for digital dating.
    Catherine | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 1:39 pm | # What’s this sleeping beauty @ snow white? ;P
    red_enclave | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 4:08 pm | # LOL, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one amused by it :)
    Roba | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 7:19 pm | # Yeah it worked and I was even invited to the wedding but I could not make it as I was in a different continent back then;-)
    natasha | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 8:20 pm | # Roba digital dating is just fine, you just shouldn’t have to pay for it. I’m sorry, it’s the only way to go for us, so shhhh kulukum, chab wala kilma, lol.

    and I agree… whoah the guy who thought this up must have some wild imagination…beautiful!
    Farooha | Homepage | 11.26.05 – 12:35 pm | #

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