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No, like, seriously

[Via Malakha]

I, like, have a project due in 3 hours, and I’m, like, totally putting my MSN Messenger to good use. It’s, like, 5 AM, I still have a long way to go on the project, and I’m, like, totally high on way too much caffeine for anyone’s good.

(YEY 3a MSN and their cross-eyed smileys. I, LIKE, HATE SMILEYS.)

Why, oh, why did I have to be blessed with the most unroutinish sleeping routine anyone could possibly have? Oh, my Gawd.

Caffeine is, like, totally kewl. Dude, like, duh!

(When we were, like, kids, my mommy would make us pay a shelen every time we said duh.)


Pull the lock on that war hole


“Don’t wait for the love of your life. Find him on …”

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  1. Roba

    I like don’t get how you didn’t notice the spelling mistake.

    Yazan Malakha | 11.20.05 – 6:14 am | #

    Acadamy of Linguistic Awarness!
    Yazan Malakha | 11.20.05 – 6:15 am | # are not the only one..i have an exam at 9 and i still didnt sleep , 1 still didnt finish…and it is 5:07 ..and i am sleepy….aa5 i hate exams
    Mirror | rorriM | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 6:15 am | #

    Unfortunately, I have a friend that talks this way.
    Alia Shishani | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 7:55 am | #

    That is SO HILARIOUS! :-D
    safiyyah | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 10:15 am | #

    Good luck on that project, Roba. I have to write a piece in ten minutes and print it out and I’m like totally out of time.
    Tololy | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 10:37 am | #

    Poor guy!

    I’m like so high on caf myself! It’s like I have too much blood in my caffeine system!

    Endless mids:'( Good luck Roba!
    Rania | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 1:05 pm | #

    that was hillarious..
    hope you got it done on time.. and like good luck on it
    Omar | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 7:48 pm | #

    hey congrats Roba,
    I heard you on BBC
    Omar | Homepage | 11.20.05 – 8:10 pm | #


    this poor guy needs something i dont know. its just the thing i also need for iam in his place too…

    we cant stop those tears that flouds the pilow but not every night come’on
    thats why i try to relate to bigger problems in life and bigger causes like terrorism and my head just goes working and i sleep without noticing..;

    i also have those researches for my MA and am flat and need to go to bes NNNNNOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW

    bye roba realy had fun in your blog
    hujaina | Homepage | 11.21.05 – 4:02 am | #

    HAHA, that poster’s like amazing! Coz I know I say like way too much (but probably just as much as everybody).

    But seriously, that dude’s like really stupid. I mean, who says that to a girl! Got sense?
    arafat | Homepage | 11.21.05 – 7:07 pm | #

    Hehehehe…welcome to my world :D
    The last time I’ve checked my caffeine-blood level it was like totally messed up dude.
    The problem is that caffeine does not work for me anymore! I’m so intoxicated with the stuff…
    I think those who sleep at 9pm are the kewlest!

    Good luck on ur stuff
    Firas | Homepage | 11.21.05 – 8:47 pm | #

    Hello .. i call this “just in time management!” :)
    fadi k. | 11.21.05 – 9:31 pm | #

    u’ll like this then…
    Nas | Homepage | 11.21.05 – 10:48 pm | #

    very touching… the BBC thingy… fingers crossed!
    Yazan | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 3:37 pm | #

    Ya, many jordanians are broken hearted too! Like words can affect emotions sometimes!

    After a long journey, After they called me King , After I spent days full of thinking caring adoring moments running to the shadow that killed me , now I returned back with empty hands losing the light that I was searching for along time ..

    Promises, what promises!!! .. That Kingdom of Romantic which been built through the last three years evaporated in two days.. Why!! Don’t ask me I still shocked ………………………… where is Faithfulness, it’s all about how to live the moment not the whole life …

    Even she left, I still keeping all the memories which living and growing up inside of me. Even she left, I still alive but not Smile Heart any more ……………….. Why she left!! Simply She is a girl…..

    Good Luck my darling, Have a nice days with the kingdom that i built for Mr. Wolf!!!! …

    Will i got Revenge ……… Iam older than burning a girl …
    Like | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 3:48 pm | #

    Yazan, LOL, I was too high on caffeine to notice anything. And anyway, I’m too amused by the whole “like” bit. Bas aman Academy 3anjad eh?

    Mirror, hope you did well :)

    Alia, a lot of people do! I guess I sometimes do too. Everyone has their blonde moments ;)

    Safiyyah, lol, glad you enjoyed it :)

    Tololy! Write a piece in 10 min! Hope that went well…

    Rania, haha, that makes two of us.. how did you do on your mids?

    Omar, like, thank u so much ;)

    Hujaina, lol, poor thing.. I hate deadlines! Suire you’ll do well on your researches.

    Arafat, like, lol, tell me about it! I say like too much myself.. it’s remnants of a teenage pop culture! esp our generation.. this generation of bimbos is too obsessed with the hiphop culture.. hehe, but good point :) it actually doesn’t come out anyhow.. i tried!

    Firas, a’7.. no one can be as bad as I am :) How can anyone sleep at 9?! thanks :)

    Fadi, hehe, no I’m actually not a procrastinator.. :)

    Nas, yeah, I read it earlier, thanks for sharing :)

    Yazan, lol, thanks..
    Roba | Homepage | 11.22.05 – 8:49 pm | #

    I am way behind in reading blog posts, because of, like, too many deadlines. But this one got me laughing so I had to let you know! :)
    Lulu | Homepage | 11.23.05 – 3:20 am | #

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