The last week has been a week of observation for me- reading the worldwide reactions, following what bloggers around the world have to say(here’s a really interesting Jordanian blogger round-up about their reactions that I found), and most importantly, watching my beloved Amman get back up on her feet.

Yes, she did get back up on her feet. She does have a bruise here and there- the sight of the plethora of concrete blocks spread all around Amman and the drastically increased security at malls, banks, and universities breaks my heart.

I had actually decided to not post about the incident any more because it is a matter of huge depression to me, but I decided to post this one last post after I went to what I hope will be the last vigil for a Jordan-related issue for a long, long time. A personal closure perhaps…

My very sincere thanks to everyone who has sent emails, messages, and comments in solidarity with the Jordanian people. My very sincere thanks to everyone who went and voiced their protests against this cruel and inhumane act.

Here are some photographs of what I hope to be the last vigil taken by Paul Wooten(thanks Paul!):