The Amman Municipality along with private firms organized a silent march earlier this evening in mourning of the innocent souls that went as casualities of the brutal incident.

A bride vieled in black led the march starting from the 5th Circle and over to the 3rd Circle where a platform was set up for the mourning procession. Accompanying the mournful sounds of Rum, the bride kneeled and everyone had a long moment of silence in respect for the souls of those who passed, followed by a Muslim prayer and a Christian one.

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The bride then took off the black gown and viel and delivered a very touching speech entitled “Ana Amman”- I am Amman – about tragedy, Jordanian unity, and how we will move on stronger as a country and as a people. Amen to that.

It was definitely the most touching demonstration in the series of demonstartions, and it was very well organized.

They were passing out flags, shirts, ribbons, and candles. The speech delievered was well written and very touching. The music played by the talented Rum was the perfect companion to the demonstration.

May God bless the souls of those who are lost and help their families.

More pictures of the demonstrations:
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