I was really touched when I saw this image captured by Isam yesterday, perhaps because there is such an ironic aura of peace surrounding it. When we went to light candles for the casaulties today, the candles were combined with posters and images of the deceased, along with flowers and Jordanian flags(below).

I am really moved by the reactions of the people around me, both Jordanian and otherwise. At the demonstrations last night, people from all walks of life were walking together side by side shouting against this heinous act against humanity. There were rich people and poor people; babies in their strollers and seniors on their canes; Muslims and Christians; young women and middle aged men; teenagers and kids; Arabs and none-Arabs; Iraqis and Jordanians. Everyone, regardless of creed, race, sex, and age, were marching together carrying the Jordanian flag high over their heads.

Earlier this morning, I also drove a little around to see how the Jordanian street is reacting outside of the demonstrations. Most of the cars both on and off the streets, from Hummers to minibuses, have been adorned with Jordanian flags of all sizes. People are also carrying on with their lives Although I’m not fond of the slogan “We are not afraid” as I believe it is a little beside the point, I am very pleased with how life is going on- respectfully, yet still going on.

But well, going on or not, it’s not getting any less painful. Going through the newspaper today was very heartbreaking- it was thick with obituaries and sad images. The image of the bride and groom’s zafeh minutes before the explosion is particularly hurtful to me, because I strongly associate zafeh with euphoric happiness. Natasha has a moving post about this.

The news about the passing of Syrian director Moustapha Akkad was also difficult; we grew up with”The Message”. When we were very young, my dad would give us plastic swords and teach us how perform skits from that movie. I still remember a lot of the lines and can see my brothers and I jumping around the living room playing with the swords and shouting “Man minkom moshtaqon ila sayfee!” Such a loss…

Of course, reading the bayan published by Al-Qaeda makes everything so much worse. It is hard to comprehend that there are people in this world with such a screwed up mentality.

Ahhh, ya Amman! Blessed be.