Child carrying sign that says “No to Terrorism, down with terrorism and Zarqawi” by Lina Ejeilat from the Amman Demonstrations Flickr Set.

The Jordanian community is in a state of rage at the bombings that took place in the much beloved capital Amman on Wednesday night. Demonstration in Amman have been occurring in plentitude, Roba Assi, Lina Ejeilat, and Isam Bayazidi have been attending and you can find pictures from these demonstrations on the Flickr Pool created for the demonstrations and on Isam Bayazidi’s Gallery

The news came as shock for most Jordanians despite the fact that the idea of terrorists attacks occuring in Jordan was not completely absent from everyone’s mind. Hala of Café Lulu said, “I am truly speechless. All I can think of is what, why, when, who, how?”, and Isam Bayazidi said, “I am a little nervous, don’t know what to say or think.” Laith Majali meanwhile said that his day at work had stopped, “I am just going from one site to another searching for any new piece of news”, and Tololy said, “I am trying not to be emotional but the freshest incidents in Amman, the capital of Jordan, have overwhelmed me.” Abeer Bayazidi also described her initial reaction to the news and said, “I felt like it’s a small explosion, nothing will harm our country!”

Beisan, on the other hand, said, “I wasn’t shocked. I think a lot of us saw it coming somehow. Many people sadly have been living in denial, ignoring the fact that terror has been spreading all over the world and very close to home.” Yazan Malakha agrees with Beisan, saying that “freedom has a price“. Lina Ejeilat remarks, “It’s no surprise that Jordan has been targeted. When I pose to think about it, I can’t help but wonder, what purpose did these explosions serve for those terrorists? So they are anti-US and anti-Israel and they are up against America’s war in Iraq and its plans for the Middle East… how exactly does this support their “fight” and help their “cause”?

Everyone is enraged though- Natasha Tynes said, ” Nothing in the world can justify this. Those that try to justify this can rot in hell as well! May God protect my country and my people. May God bless the souls of those barbarically massacred today. We will never forget!”

Khalaf believes that “We should looks at ourselves with more scrutiny than we are comfortable with”, then says, “We must face is that religious discourse is what is driving these young men to blow themselves up in crowds of innocent victims.” Eman of Aquacool said, ” They waste their lives brainwashing generations, and the brainwashed explode themselves with pride and satisfaction! Not for a second does it even cross their minds that they’re doing nothing but spread fear, destroy tranquility, and cross out stability and peace from countries they belong to, countries that give them shelter!

Tololy said, “Do not have it in your heads to mix true Islam with those who cling to bits of it, modify them as they please, and act upon such false pillars of belief that they themselves have distorted into that shape“, and Palforce said, “I’m angry some group is hijacking my religion