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Amman- what is it to you?

My friend is doing a project on Amman, and he is mainly concentrating on the subtle symbols of Amman- both the good and the bad.

For example, here are some “subtle Ammanite symbols” that we discussed while talking about his project:

The infamous gas pickup song that any Ammanite is perhaps too familiar with;

The red and yellow brick side walk tiles;

The cotton candy boy and baya3 il dorayeh.

The stairs on the old mountains(Jabal Amman, Weibdeh, etc) that lead to Downtown Amman.

So the question is now, what subtle symbols do you associate with Amman?

Please feel free to list as many as you wish, and feel free to elaborate.

Naturally, I got quite excited listening to which symbols my friends associate with Amman, and I’m really excited now to read what none-art students associate with Amman.


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  1. Mohannad

    Trees planted on sidewalks.

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