Pick plate up, use a clean knife to scoop a small portion of which ever appetizer you feel like having into the plate infront of you, and then eat it in whichever way you wish- as long as its off your own plate.

DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, use your fork or spoon in the main dish that everyone is sharing because it is absolutely disgusting.

Mezza is an essential part of Levantine upbringing and it is the most unfortunate thing that a lot of people have absolutely no idea how to share it.

This is precisely why I refuse to let anyone share my kubeh nayeh!

While we’re on kubeh nayeh, I’m really amused at the fact that I’ve met a person who thinks chicken is disgusting and thus refuses to eat it while having absolutely no problem eating raw beef. And I thought I’m the only human on earth who feels the same way!