, a Free Men’s Online Magazine featured this week Haifa Wehbe as the singer of the week because they like her; and here is why they like her:

“We love how Haifa Wehbe stirs up controversy with her frisky antics and salacious relationships. Like a Lebanese Marilyn, Haifa giggles and jiggles, then coyly complains about how she gets no respect.”

+ Waleg

I don’t know if this is actually interesting, but for some reason, it totally cracked me up. I guess Haifa Wahby is totally pleased with herself, being called “the Lebanese Marilyn.”

Another amusing sentence was, “Her pouty lips and pleasing curves, though, soften and balance her looks, so that she ultimately seems more like ‘the girl next door’ (if you live in Beirut, anyway).”

Girl next door, eh?