The Jordanian blogosphere has been making an appearance on a weekly basis on the Global Voices Online weblog for the past two months. The appearance is similar to the “Weekly Highlights” on Jordan Planet’s homepage, but it is more elaborate and more Jordan-centric, mostly trying to represent Jordan and Jordanian issues through the eyes of Jordanians rather than Western media, as well as images that showcase Jordanian people and daily life.

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“Girl Playing the Flute” by Sabri Hakim

The Jordanian Blogosphere on breaking cultural borders:

Ryan of “Journeys in Jordan” remarks that “it is interesting how people come to learn lessons” and talks about her experience in trying to understand a different culture. Natasha Tynes reports about “Bridge For Peace”, which featured Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian DJs drawing over 800 people to Jerusalem’s dance club Haoman 17, then she says that she believes that “these initiatives should be highlighted in the local and the international press as it shows that in spite of the bloody mayhem taking place in our region we can still co-exist peacefully and even create music.” Lina Ejeilat reports that the Jordanian band RUM will be performing in Tunisia and Syria this week, and urges everyone anywhere close to “NOT MISS IT! Their music is amazing – passionate, authentic, vibrant… and different!”

Rami Abdulrahman meanwhile reports about an Iftar they organized in Sweden, “We sent our class mates an invitation yesterday to fast today and prepare for a night to remember, surprisingly, the number of fasting non-Muslims was far greater than I expected!”

Eman of Aquacool writes about Jordan TV’s efforts in its national campaign to relief victims of the Pakistan Earthquake, “For a -relatively- small community like Jordan, I believe the results of this campaign are a big success!”, and points out that Jordan will have an open day for Churches to gather donations for our Pakistani brothers.

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