(Spotted at KSU in Saudi Arabia by Farooha of Farah’s Sowaleef)

Although I would think that the image is quite self-explanatory, I cannot help but elaborate. On one side is a head-to-toe vieled woman with a little check mark signifying correctness under the image, and a phrase that says “The Hijab of the Muslim Woman”. On the other side is another head-to-toe vieled woman, this time with a litte cross mark under the image signifying wrongness and a phrase that says, “The dolled up women.”

Between the image, there’s a hell-o-meter sort of thing labeled “Choose your destiny”, and apparently, the closer you dress to Miss Dolly-doll the closer you are to hell and vice versa(but please do notice how heaven is represented; desert accustomed eyes, anyone?) I will not even bother to translate what’s written in the middle.

God! And just yesterday I was having an argument at school because some girl said that covering one’s hair is a matter of “Logic” and “Islam” rather than conviction and culture.

There are so many things I want to say that I will not say because I do not want to sound culturally insensitive or intolerant towards other people’s ideas and beliefs, but for God’s sake! There are limits to tolerance!

Ameen Malhas once asked me a very thought-provoking question that I will pose now, “Is it intolerance to not be able to tolerate the intolerant?” (Albeit intolerance mixed with ill-logic)