Truth is, although I would never want to live there again or spend more than 5 days a year visiting because the general belief system and the way of life are a good 180 degrees against everything I believe in(check this horrible example of mentality here. God, what a poor little girl!), most of my memories were formed in that city.

Memories, memories- it’s so hard to rip a memory of its sentimental value, as little as it may be. I really do wish Saudi Arabia is open enough for me to take pictures of these memories, but unfortunately, it’s a country where girls started muttering “Camera” when I was showing Farooha pictures, so these pictures that I can’t help but share will have to do. Oh, yeah, all pictures grow when clicked…

bay 640 bay 645
My mother loves painting motifs on walls, and ever since we were kids, I don’t remember ever living anywhere that didn’t have Disney cartoons in bedrooms and beautiful paintings around the house. When we moved to the this compound, my mom took the house-painting thing a step further by painting the common area. The second picture is of a very Arab thing to do- Argeeleh.

bay 609 bay 668
For years and years and years, my dad would take us to Fuddruckers every single Friday to have lunch, so when he asked us where we would like to eat this weekend, the natural answer was Fuddruckers. Sarah and the boys… The second picture is the view of Riyadh.

bay 652 bay 673
The pink sky, and Manarat from the car.

bay 679 bay 686
Riyadh is shopping heaven, but we went so early(that being 1 PM, the instance the stores open) that no one was there but us and the salespeople!

bay 739 bay 690
Shopping proved very useful though, because I bought these shoes that I’m so utterly in love with. I’ve been looking for flat boots for ages, but I was getting hopeless with time as all the boots in the market are really heelish… Aren’t they cute?

bay 696 bay 734
Whitey’s sister is just the most adorable cat ever… and Whitey in her new red collar to go with the family mood.

bay 733 bay 708
Me and Auntie Maha in her beautiful Ramadan tent, and em, while we’re on decoration, the only picture I managed to snap at a 3-hour “Leave-me-alone-I-don’t-want-to-leave” stroll at Ikea.

Anyhow, I’m back after an entire week of trying to figure out how to keep a scarf put, quite unsuccessfully because it mostly ended up in my bag… I’m glad that’s done with! Good to be back in Amman. But it’s cold! BRR!